Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition was announced mid-May this year, but evidence of its success is mounting quickly. With key enterprise elements that enable low code development options for developers and technical business users, it’s enabling many larger companies to develop beautiful mobile apps fast. Not only are now the mobile UI building tools accessible to the not-too-techy, but enterprise mBaaS simplifies data integrations and synchronization, helping larger organizations take full advantage of their vast stores of data when building mobile apps. Even better, once the not-too-techy create small data snacking apps, if there is ever a need to go deeper into code, Telerik Platform offers ways to go from low code to full code, as well.

And, with the introduction of Telerik NativeScript, our open source framework, which enables cross-platform native app development, serious developers can apply their JavaScript and CSS skills to develop high-performance mobile apps that take advantage of native device capabilities.

Here are a just few examples of how larger organizations are putting Telerik Platform to work in the enterprise:


Telerik customer KiZAN, a custom software solution provider, has rapidly built apps for multiple platforms with Telerik technologies:

  • Time tracking: A manufacturing firm had previously relied on a Microsoft Access database for time entry. But with several remote offices and only one employee able to access the database at a time, Access wasn’t scalable. KiZAN designed a mobile app enabling users to enter time simultaneously from wherever they are, improving payroll processing and accuracy.
  • Healthcare management: Start-up Sleep Access took advantage of a change in U.S. law that required truck drivers to have sleep apnea testing. KiZAN worked with the company to develop a custom portal for sleep apnea disease management and wellness, so truck drivers and trucking companies can have a single place to connect with doctors.
  • Waste management: A large drapery manufacturing company wanted to reduce labor and materials waste, and KiZAN used Telerik Platform to build a solution for optimizing the company’s workflow to reduce the amount of scrap waste. Watch the video or read the case study to learn more.

Bhagwan Marine

In the oil and gas industry, Bhagwan Marine offers a fleet of more than a hundred vessels and a range of services. Working with Telerik Partner Glenfield Digital Group, the company found a better way to manage its fleet of vessels, while also offering customers innovative data access. Leveraging Telerik Platform and other Telerik solutions, Bhagwan Marine was able to reduce fleet information management time by 90% and save thousands by shifting from printed materials to a mobile app approach. Importantly, the new solution enhanced customer relationships by enabling them to view, share and track the fleet from any iOS or Android mobile device. Read the full story.


Paylocity, a leading provider of payroll and human resource management solutions, developed a mobile app to enable ESS users to view and make changes to accounts on mobile devices. With Telerik Platform, Paylocity created a cross-platform mobile app; it took less than half the time it would have taken without Telerik solutions. The app is HTML5-based, so it can adapt to new and changing form factors as they become available. Read the full story.

Schweppes Australia

An innovative agency based in South Melbourne Australia, Hitori Inc., developed an innovative app for Schweppes, called Schweppes Connect. Using Telerik Platform, they built a hybrid app with beautiful UI and great performance, creating an online hub for Schweppes Australia customers. It’s simple to use, and gives Schweppes customers the choice, freedom and flexibility to place orders whenever and wherever is convenient for them. According to Nicholas Cole, Creative Technical Director at Hitori, “Telerik UI tools dramatically improved our productivity and helped us create a solid modular application architecture. Thanks to Telerik solutions, our hybrid apps are fast, solid and structured-the way they should be!” Read more.


Dubai-based Prototype was commissioned by TECOM Investments, a member of Dubai Holding and the developer and operator of Dubai’s leading business parks, to develop two new apps. According to CEO Alexander Rauser, “Using the Telerik Platform allowed us to develop the app in half the usual time than it would using any other platform.” Read more.

More Freedom, More Great Apps

Today’s great developers will be the ones who have access to the open source community and the tools to develop with flexibility and freedom. As more and more enterprises adopt Telerik Platform and the agile development practices it enables, we’ll be seeing more innovative, high-performing enterprise apps with beautiful, intuitive UI—and it won’t take an enterprise budget to develop them.

Check out Telerik Platform for yourself at Also, take a look at our showcases and explore other apps that have been built with Telerik Platform at

Happy coding!


About the Author

Sasha Krsmanovic

is a VP of Product Marketing at Telerik and is based in Toronto, Canada. A geek at heart, Sasha works with HTML and JavaScript developers worldwide and loves learning from passionate people. You can follow Sasha on Twitter @k_sasha.

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