PDC is in full force at the LA Convention Center. The keynote was somewhat bland, but the big news of the day is Windows Azure. Microsoft's cloud services offering, Azure promises to allow developers to host and manage their applications in the cloud, scaling storage and computing resources on demand without concern for the infrastructure that will support them. With Azure, developers will be have access to the entire spectrum of Microsoft LOB development technologies (SQL Services, Sharepoint Services, .NET Services, etc) in the cloud. Attendees of PDC will get early access to an Azure CTP, so keep an eye out here for my personal feedback on Azure in the near future.


In other PDC news, the Telerik booth is rockin'. We've got a crew of 12 manning the booth, including 4 evangelists, a member of the marketing team, and several members of the dev teams. If you're at PDC be sure to stop by and say hello. If you weren't able to make it this year, there will be plenty of updates from Todd on Telerik Watch and I'll keep you posted throughout the day on Twitter.

the crew

Also, if you're really itching to see the goings-on of the Expo floor as they happen, we're streaming live from the Telerik booth. So head on over to Telerik.com and check it out for yourself.


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