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Our Telerik DevCraft Ultimate bundle has just gotten even better. You now get Telerik Report Server, our ultimate report management solution, for the same bundle price.

We are eager to share the great news that our ultimate bundle offer – Telerik DevCraft Ultimate – just got better. It now includes Telerik Report Server – our report management solution for standalone usage or in-app integration with plenty of functionalities, including rebranding options.

Telerik DevCraft Ultimate gives you the unified power of Telerik Report Server for report management along with easy Telerik Reporting integration. Organizing a vast collection of reports may be challenging, which is why we created Telerik Report Server to efficiently store, create, style, manage and analyze reports in a single server-side repository. Once the reports are sorted, bring them to your end users by integrating them into your application with Telerik Reporting.

Telerik Report Server - Reports

Report Server leverages the feature-rich Telerik Reporting engine and supports all must-have report management features. This includes scheduling, data alerts, versioning, report caching, authentication with AD FS support, ready to use report server web portal with enabled white labeling and complete REST API for integration with your desktop and web applications.

Telerik Report Server - Scheduling

With Telerik Report Server, with just a few clicks, you can do any of the following:

  • Create a desired data presentation very quickly with a WYSIWYG business user-friendly report designer
  • Apply a variety of styling possibilities without any coding – from CSS-like styling to conditional formatting based on the data input

  • Integrate the reports into applications built with any technology (Angular, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, WinForms, Azure Cloud) and across platforms (web, mobile and desktop) – achieve this with the report viewer controls included in Telerik Reporting
  • Rebrand Report Server to boost your brand visibility for the same price
  • Assign granular user authorization applying customizable user roles plus specific permissions
  • Schedule and automatically run reports stored on the Report Server, all at once or at regular intervals
  • Stay informed about the most pertinent report data and any changes regardless of how much information you collect
  • Store and manage reports efficiently in a single server-side repository
  • Organize report versioning seamlessly
  • Access reports from any device, knowing the report will load quickly
  • Use a long list of comprehensive formats for report export (more than 20)
  • Rely on easy integration with a huge variety of data sources (from Microsoft SQL Server, through inline CSV and business objects to ODBC data sources) and simplify all data operations like filtering, sorting and data mashing

If you’re ready to dive right in, you can start a free trial of Report Server right now and get started.

Telerik Report Server - Whitelabel

Get Telerik Report Server in Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Today

Same Price, More Value

You can get Telerik Report Server as an individual product or as a part of DevCraft Ultimate. We bring together a wide range of UI, reporting and productivity tools for both .NET and JavaScript technologies and ultimate support that’s got your back in every step of your project. Thanks to our intuitive APIs, alongside thousands of demos with source code availability, comprehensive documentation and a full assortment of VS templates you will get up and running with our tools in no time and fully embrace your inner Kendoka/Ninja warrior.

Try DevCraft Ultimate

By leveraging the broad array of themes, skins, styling and customization options, your application will awe even the best frontend designers. Buy it today!

If you are a current customer of DevCraft Ultimate you will receive Telerik Report Server for free. Just download it from your account. Thanks for your Ultimate subscription.

If you are a current customer of other DevCraft suites or other individual Telerik or Kendo UI product you can easily upgrade your license to DevCraft Ultimate and get one Telerk Report Server with it.

If you are still wondering, we can make it easy for you. Start a free trial of DevCraft Ultimate

Try Report Server

If you’re ready to dive right in, you can start a free trial of Report Server right now.

Buy DevCraft Ultimate

Try Telerik Report Server

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