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Our Telerik DevCraft Ultimate bundle has just gotten even better. You now get Test Studio Dev Edition, a powerful and easy-to-use tool for test automation.

More great news for Telerik DevCraft Ultimate and for all developers who want to continuously deliver high quality software. Test Studio Dev Edition, a tool specially designed from developer’s perspective that provides out-of-the box functionality for easier and quicker test automation (especially for Telerik DevCraft-built applications), is now included in the bundle at no additional cost.

We know that releases can be stressful, especially with the market’s high demand for continuous delivery of stable software. Any product flaws can ruin the team’s hard work. So, your team’s success depends on their ability to consistently deliver high quality work. Automation plays an essential role, giving you quick feedback on every code change and minimizing the risk of introducing bugs and regressions in new software versions. You can read our colleague's blog post on testing from the developer perspective here.


Test Studio Dev Edition saves the day when it comes to test automation. It gives you the ability to craft automated UI/Functional Web or WPF tests with or without code, inside Visual Studio. It provides the best support for Telerik components through translators that expose additional properties for verification. Here are some of the main product highlights:

  • The Recorder is a powerful feature that records any actions and verifications. But the best thing about it is that using our unique element find logic, it adds visual elements to the Element Repository for the developer to use in their tests.
  • The Element Repository is a centralized collection of elements, from which elements can be used in multiple tests across the whole testing project. If an element is changed, you edit it on one place and all test steps that use it get fixed. Test maintenance time is reduced and testing can become a pleasant and less time-consuming effort.
  • Coded automation approach. The reality is that even the most sophisticated test recorders are not enough to do complex and complete test automation. This is why Test Studio Dev Edition gives you a lot of flexibility in terms or recording vs. coding. You can add anything in code using C# or VB - record only Elements and use them in code or define the elements by yourself. You can also convert recorded steps into code and edit them, as well as use standalone helper classes and write the logic from scratch. You can even use third-party libraries and integrate them into your Test Studio Dev Edition project.

  • Translators for Telerik and Kendo UI components. You now have an easier way to automate such elements with rich capabilities in terms of actions and verifications.

  • Continuous Delivery. We all want a stable continuous delivery process that delivers quality applications. This is why Test Studio Dev Edition is integrated with number of CI tools. It also provides command line runner which enables you to add tests in your continuous delivery pipeline, no matter the CD/CI tooling that you use.

In the video below you can take a glimpse at the product and learn how to create your first UI functional automated tests with Test Studio Dev Edition.

Get Test Studio Dev Edition in Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Today

Same Price, More Value

You can get Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition as a part of DevCraft Ultimate. We bring together a wide range of UI, reporting, testing and productivity tools for both .NET and JavaScript technologies and ultimate support that’s got your back in every step of your project. Thanks to our intuitive APIs, alongside thousands of demos with source code availability, comprehensive documentation and a full assortment of VS templates you will get up and running with our tools in no time and fully embrace your inner Kendoka/Ninja warrior.

Try Test Studio Dev Edition 

If you are a current customer of DevCraft Ultimate you will receive Test Studio Dev Edition for free. Just download it from your account. Thanks for your Ultimate subscription.

If you are a current customer of other DevCraft suites or other individual Telerik or Kendo UI product you can easily upgrade your license to DevCraft Ultimate and get one Test Studio Dev Edition seat with it.

If you are still wondering how to try Test Studio Dev Edition, it's easy - just click below.

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About the Author

Iliyan Panchev

Iliyan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress, responsible for the Telerik testing solutions, including Test Studio and JustMock. In the mid ’00s, he started his career in software development as a game tester because he loves video games, and eventually he realized that breaking software is fun. He believes that a good Quality Assurance Engineer should be involved in all phases of the software development process. Iliyan, now as a Product Manager, has a new objective—to relieve the QA engineer of the challenges associated with test automation and help them have more pleasant and rewarding workdays.

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