I’m heading down to “Nawlins” on June 3rd for TechEd North America with an army of Telerikers (what we’re known as internally).  If this is your first TechEd you will be impressed; it’s quite the show that Microsoft puts on.  You get to see some of latest tech from Microsoft and their partners, hear some great speakers, grab some cool swag and most importantly get the opportunity to have some great discussions with fellow techies.   I will be down there representing Telerik, and as one of the ALM guys here I am great resource to track down and talk shop! 

I always get excited when I head down to TechEd North America because it’s an event that is all about learning, having discussions about our products and lending a hand to any of our customers who might need assistance.  It’s also nice for the ol’ ego to hear from our customers why we R-O-C-K.  Over the course of the week, it’s awesome to have so many people tell us how we help them with their productivity. This makes you feel happy and warm inside (like my mom’s empanadas). You know it’s genuine when they just tell us without even asking what our awesome swag is... 

Which brings to the point of this blog, I wish that I could share our secret of what we are giving away this year (I know most of you are salivating like Pavel’s dog) but I can’t.  There is an awesome, yet equally dangerous marketing lady that might make me run the TechEd Antarctica booth next year if I tell.  But guess what? I love our customers so I don’t care if I have to teach Telerik TeamPulse to penguins next year.  So here is our awesome swag that we will have at our booth this year:

I hope you like it as much as I did!  I look forward to engaging with our customers, talking shop, maybe fixing a customer’s issue or two and above all having great discussions with people that are as passionate about technology as I am.  I encourage you to pop by our booth #517 to get some of the aforementioned Telerik swag and to speak with myself or the experts at the booth.  Feel free to contact me on twitter @ramiromillan regarding all things TechEd!



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