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    Striking the Software Standardization Balance: Scale Up without the Bureaucracy

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    To create the most efficient work environment, you need to standardize on tools and processes in a way that makes sense. Read on for tips on what works best.
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    I Can Code THAT! Why Developer Productivity doesn’t have to be hard

    In this post, Jeff Fritz will explain why using third party libraries are valuable and introduce you to the 30 minute ASP.Net productivity challenge. Click through to see the details and to download a whitepaper with more information.
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    Time Saving Features For MVC Developers

    I recently started reacquainting myself with the Telerik MVC Extensions, and it seems I had forgotten just how awesome they are! I want to talk about a few of the less known features I find really awesome in the extensions. VS Extensions Telerik’s MVC extensions come with built in Visual Studio extensions to make project creation, and configuration, a snap.  In addition, the extensions include a variety of project templates to help start new projects: 
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    JustCode Q1 2011 RTM is here

    As part of Telerik’s major Q1 2011 release, JustCode arrives with tons of great new stuff. The biggies are Code Cleaning, Decompiling and Options Sharing features.  Our brand new Code Cleaning feature allows you to reformat and tidy up your code in a single step. We have been working on an integrated decompiler for quite some time. It allows you to seamlessly browse through decompiled code in referenced assemblies as if it were source. With this release of JustCode you can start doing that without leaving Visual Studio. Applying code style standards across the team is now possible with the new Options...
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    Code better with JustCode Q1 SP1

    We've just uploaded the Service Pack 1 for JustCode so feel free to log in to your Telerik accounts and download JustCode. Earlier this week Visual Studio 2010 RTM was released and we are happy to announce that this version of JustCode fully supports it. Other areas of interest in this release are the typing assistance behavior and JavaScript formatting. We also further optimized JustCode’s memory usage and speed. You’ll find the full release notes for the Service Pack here.  Visual Studio 2010 changes As Visual Studio is now officially out we now fully support its final version as well as the...