“With only 16 weeks to complete our major project. Kendo UI framework sped up the development process immensely whilst providing a clean, modern and professional looking UI.” – Carmelo Giuliano

About Sydney TAFE (http://sydneytafe.edu.au)

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With 123 years of teaching and training excellence, Sydney TAFE is one of Australia’s oldest leading vocational education and training institutes. At Sydney TAFE, you can achieve qualifications ranging from an apprenticeship or diploma to a degree qualification.

Courses and Programs attract ​more than 3,000 international students from ​at least 93 countries, in addition to 67,000 local students, providing a cosmopolitan and dynamic learning environment.

The Challenge

The students completing their Diploma of Software Development in Semester 1, 2015 were tasked to deliver a system for managing the delivery of childcare services.  Working in sub-groups, they each had an ambitious list of project key deliverables and main features. It was important for the solution to provide an all-encompassing system that would enable services provided by the childcare organisation to be managed an online environment. The project had a strict timeline of 16 weeks to complete all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, documentation, development and testing.

How Telerik Supported TAFE

During Semester 1 2015, Telerik helped support the students completing the diploma project. Principal Developer Advocate provided some workshops on using the tools, and knowledge sharing about working in the industry. Telerik also provided some developer licenses for the students to use in the application for the user interface​​.

The Solution

The students designed and implemented the childcare application using Microsoft.NET web-based technologies and Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC. Controls used from Telerik included the Grid, Scheduler, DropDownList, DatePicker and AutoComplete. The team met the project’s tight deadline, delivered key requirements and features, and was able to launch the application in only 16 weeks.

Below are some screenshots of the final application:

Account details:
Account - Details
Products and services:
Products and Services
Register incident:
Register Incident


  • Delivered the application in 16 weeks
  • User interface built with Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC and Kendo UI
  • ​Enabled students to learn real-life technologies in a rapidly changing industry

Here's What the Students Had to Say

“Key to success of this level was the use of Kendo UI, provided by Telerik, which provided a sleek professional user interface along with giving the students more time to work on the complexities of the core business logic.” – Peter Holman (Teacher)

“Telerik UI saved valuable time by having components ready to use that are fast and easy to implement, while also being configurable, instead of starting from scratch or using subpar solutions.” – Darryl Jamieson (Student)

“Kendo UI was a great help throughout the development process of the major project. I found it to be lightweight, flexible and it encouraged good practices with separation of concern from client and server side logic.” – Fiona Lin (Student)

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