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There are two important updates coming from Apple that you should definitely know about:
  • Starting February 1, Apple will allow new app submissions only if they support 64-bit architecture
  • Starting June 1, Apple will allow new app and updates submissions only if they support 64-bit architecture
Until recently Xamarin relied on the monotouch assembly as a base for the Xamarin.iOS applications. This assembly, however, was missing the 64-bit support, so two weeks ago, Xamarin introduced a brand-new assembly that supports 64-bit applications and acts as a replacement to the monotouch assembly for the Xamarin.iOS platform.

As per the Xamarin recommendations, we made the necessary updates in Telerik UI for Xamarin offering, and now it supports the Xamarin.iOS assembly, hence your 64-bit applications.

“Hmm, a brand new assembly... so are there any breaking changes?” you may ask. There are changes in some types from monotouch to Xamarin.iOS to which we have to conform. You can take a look at how to update your monotouch apps to Xamarin.iOS in the dedicated Xamarin documentation. The changes to the types mentioned in the Native Types subsection are valid for UI for Xamarin, as well. You can find the Telerik UI for Xamarin-Specific Release Notes here.

So, get the new Telerik UI for Xamarin bits now to enable the 64-bit support for your UI for Xamarin apps, and feel free to submit those apps whenever it’s convenient for you-- before or after February 1.
Happy coding!

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