SQL Saturday 72 (Honolulu) was a great success!  This event had three tracks – one for SQL (of course), one for .NET and one for more general topics.  Chris Eargle (@kodefuguru) and I came from the mainland and presented (between the two of us) 7 topics.

This was my first time in Hawaii, and it was great.  Although I could only stay for 48 hours (I think I spent more time in planes than I did in the Islands), everyone I met was extremely friendly.  The attendees at the event were very engaging, asked a ton of great questions, and followed us out for hallway discussions.

To cap it all off, we had a great dinner with Jeff Bloom and Michael Fors (two of the organizers), and David Eichner as well (who gave a great talk on Dynamics and SQL) before I had to catch the redeye back to the mainland (and start my Gulf Coast Tour – see my next post for more info on that!)

I did want to post a couple of pictures from a MUST-DO while in Hawaii, and that is to see Pearl Harbor.  It’s not just the USS Arizona memorial, there is a lot to do.  But see the Arizona.  It’s very moving.  After that, if you have time, check out the “Mighty Mo” who served our country from World War II (also where the official Surrender of the Empire of Japan was conducted) all the way up to the First Gulf War.



To all of the organizer for SQL Saturday Honolulu, you guys rock!

To all Uniformed Personnel, past and present, home and afar, as they taught me in the Islands,


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