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Last year, I posted some comparisons of calendar sales by country, because, clearly, sales of Software Craftsmanship wall calendars is an indicator of a country's propensity for writing good software...

At that time, Norway was the clear winner with a massive 9.3 calendars purchased per million people.  So, how do the numbers look so far for the 2014 edition of the calendar?  Well, not so good for Norway, who have dropped in the rankings to 3rd.  Switzerland is the leader this time around, though both Denmark and Norway are very close behind.

Country Quantity Per Million
Switzerland Total 24 2.968349968
Denmark Total 16 2.845202659
Norway Total 14 2.747091027
Sweden Total 13 1.349459023
Ireland Total 6 1.306307287
United States Total 344 1.084328615
Germany Total 84 1.042856433
Slovenia Total 2 0.970441328
Singapore Total 5 0.92606312

It's probably worth noting that both the United Kingdom and Canada are just outside of the top 10 with 42 and 31 calendars purchased, each, but unfortunately their population greatly exceeds that of, say, Slovenia, and so their Per Million stats are lower.

If you have any pride in yourself as a software developer and your country's ranking in this illustrious leaderboard, I encourage you to do the right thing and order yourself (and maybe some of your friends) a software craftsmanship calendar.  Especially if you live in, say Vatican City, with its population of approximately 839 people.  Just one calendar would put you at the top of the list!

Note also that in addition to the wall calendar you can also order the digital images (from all past calendars for which we have the rights) for use as your desktop background or in presentations for a nominal fee at

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