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The 2014 Software Craftsmanship Anti-Patterns Wall Calendar is here!  You can order one for yourself, your team room, or that developer down the hall that "needs" it, today.  If you're quick, you'll even have it before the holidays.  The calendars are available for sale from our Gear Store, at

This year's calendar focuses on anti-patterns; things you should probably avoid doing if you're interested in delivering quality software.  We brought back our old favorite from the 2012 calendar, the Golden Hammer, along with a bunch of new ones like Frankencode and Mushroom Management.

2014 Software Craftsmanship Calendar

We hope you enjoy the 2014 calendar, and if you have ideas for next year's best practices calendar, please send them to us (comment below, or use the email on the back cover of the calendar).

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Steve Smith

is an Executive VP of Services for Telerik, as well as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He’s passionate about software quality, and is a frequent speaker at software developer conferences. Steve has authored several courses on software development for Pluralsight, and you can find him online at or on twitter as @ardalis.


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