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I wanted to thank you all for attending the webinar on Wednesday. As I promised in the webinar all of the materials are now available for you to download and explore on your own. If you have any questions then feel free to send me a tweet on twitter or leave a comment below. I’d also suggest that you download the RadControls for Windows Phone 7 if you haven’t already.

Webinar Materials

Slides, Source Code and the Recorded Webinar Video for Part 1 is available now. 
Please Note: The TapJoy webinar has not been posted yet. Check back on

What did we cover today?

In Part 1 of the webinar, we showed you several Tips and Tricks to help your app drive engagement and revenue.

In Part 2 of the webinar, TapJoy offered insights to help you get the most from your app distribution efforts.

In Part 1, we talked about the new “Building Blocks of Metro Applications” which includes:

  • Trial Feature Reminder - The TrialFeatureReminder allows you to display reminder messages for the trial versions of your applications. You can track the usage of the different features and disable only some of them when the trial expires. Then you can display a nice message inviting your user to pay for the features in the marketplace.
  • Trial App Reminders - Very Similar to Feature Reminders in that the TrialApplicationReminder allows you to display reminder messages for the trial versions of your applications.   When the trial is expired you can display a nice message inviting your user to buy the application from the marketplace.
  • Rate Reminders - With this component you can add a very important feature for reminding your users to rate your application thus increasing your marketplace presence.
  • Error Diagnostics - With this component you can receive crash reports, add specific debug information and get run-time information from your users when an issue in your application is encountered.

As you can see from using these helper classes that can speed up application development and deliver a better experience for your user.

Other Getting up to Speed resources are listed below: 

Other “How To” Blog Post.


Thanks again for attending and don’t forget that we have several other great developer tools webinars coming up shortly such as the “What’s New and Awesome in XAML Q2 2012” which will include Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7.

Thanks for attending and be sure to check out all of our Q2 2012 webinars!

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