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In order to provide a better usability with the 2010 Q1 release we introduced the new Visual Designer for Telerik Open Access ORM. We have been focusing on what we can do to improve your experience using OpenAccess.

We have also introduced the new Context replacing the Object Scopes and various types of mappings used to define our model (currently only in reverse mapping scenarios). This being a major change we felt we needed to revise our Code Library assets and show you how to use OpenAccess to its full potential.

Below is a list of the revised examples :

· Generic methods for object retrieval

· Northwind Sample Application

· ASP.NET binding with OpenAccessDataSource

· Presenting Self Referencing Table with OpenAccessDataSource and RadTreeView

· SofiaCarRental Sample Application - C# version

· SofiaCarRental Sample Application - VB version

· Northwind WCF N-Tier Demo Application

· Northwind WCF N-Tier Demo Application - VB.NET

· Best Practices for context management in Windows Forms

· Implementing cascading delete with Telerik OpenAccess ORM

· Northwind N-Tier Web Demo Application

· Presenting 1:n relations with hierarchical RadGrid and OpenAccess

· Implementing Context Factory for Telerik OpenAccess ORM

· Best Practices in web development with OpenAccess

· Best Practices in web development with OpenAccess - Part Two

Stay tuned for the revised Knowledge Base articles.


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