10 new customers’ apps are added to the RadControls for Windows Phone Showcase Gallery and with 10 more in the pipeline, we will soon be celebrating our 100th customer showcase app.


Among the fresh apps is Baby Expert which is currently on #22 in its category. It’s always a pleasure to hear such news.

Below you’ll find links to a couple of our early customers’ success stories, or how RadControls for Windows Phone helped them get faster to the Marketplace. 

Yoga for Windows Phone 7 by Ethical Studio with the help of Telerik’s RadControls

Mobile First Aid with RadControls for Windows Phone

MOOD SWING for Windows Phone 7

If you want your WP7 app built with RadControls for WP7 to appear on our Showcase section, just send us the Zune link to this e-mail windowsphoneapps@telerik.com.

And if you still haven’t tried RadControls for Windows Phone, you can download the 60-day free trial. What you might not know is that support is available even during your trial.

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Ina Tontcheva

(@pakostina) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. She is a digital and mobile marketing explorer and works at Telerik with a focus on the native mobile UI family.


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