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Q3 2011 release is a major milestone for our RadControls for Windows Phone suite. We at Telerik are always doing our best trying to deliver more than expected. And Q3 2011 is not an exception. Along with all the great new stuff that made it for the Q3 2011 BETA, we added three fresh new controls for the official release, believing that our users will love them. These are:

RadSlideView- BETA

The control provides smooth and slick user experience that allows a sequence of user-defined content items to be viewed slide by slide. It may enter two different view modes – full screen, displaying one slide at a time and zoomed-out, displaying all the items in a strip allowing the user to easily navigate to a particular item. Based on the super-fast RadLoopingList, RadSlideView offers the same performance and extensibility, the optional infinite looping of the slide strip as well as all the built-in scroll animations with velocity support.



RadAutoCompleteBox is a text box with extended functionality that provides filtered suggestions as the user types. The control exposes a convenient API to control its behavior and uses optimized filtering algorithms to boost up performance. RadAutoCompleteBox has two Auto Complete Modes: StartsWith and Contains. The StartsWith mode filters the candidate suggestions by comparing the user input with the beginning of the filter key of each candidate suggestion, whereas the Contains filtering mode looks for matches of the input string in the filter key of each candidate suggestion. More information may be found in this dedicated blog post.



The control represents a binary set of two mutually exclusive options and mimics the “toggle switch” native UI as defined by the Metro Design guidelines. As explained by Microsoft “it is intended to add an element of delight to the user experience and awareness for the currently selected option”.

New features from the BETA

Let me mention all the new features from the BETA, all further polished and improved:

Context Menu

Chart Financial Series

Chart Series Labels

DataBound ListBox Add/Remove Item Animation

JumpList GroupCheckMode

Refer to this blog post for complete information about the BETA release


New controls and features are only one side of a good controls package. Integration examples which can be explored and used as a base for real-life scenarios are another very important side. Knowing that fact we also prepared a sample Microsoft Exchange Client application which demonstrates plenty of technical tips and tricks. More detailed information is available in the following blog series:

Building Microsoft Exchange Client – Part 1
Building Microsoft Exchange Client – Part 2
Building Microsoft Exchange Client – Part 3 

And to add even more fun to using RadControls for Windows Phone, our designer has created a fresh new Nokia Lumia emulator skin available for you to download: 

Welcome Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin blog post 

Do not hesitate to download the latest bits and explore all the new goodies for yourself:

Download Q3 2011 

As always we will be happy to hear your feedback which helps us build even greater tools: 

Share your feedback

Well, we really hope that you will love the new stuff. Enjoy!

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