Yet another release is in the books for Telerik, and RadControls for Windows 8 HTML has a lot of exciting new features! Before we look at all of the features, I want to thank you for attending the live webinar.  If you couldn’t make it, no worries!  The webinar was recorded, and is available in the links below.



Sample Project

Q2 2013 Release Webinar Recording

Release Recap

In this release we are introducing three new controls, significant updates to our flagship RadDataGrid, Pan and Zoom in the RadCharts, and support for cascading selections when using the AutoComplete, DropDownList, and ComboBox text boxes.  You can see all of this and more in our newly redesigned Samples Demos, available through the Windows Store.

Interested in TypeScript support?  You asked for it, you got it! All of our controls now have TypeScript definitions for static typing support and full IntelliSense.

The last goodie of the release is our CTP of our Data Storage for Windows 8 HTML, making offline and occasionally connected applications easier than ever!

The full release notes can be found here, and a detail write up of the new and updated features can be found here (the post is using the Q2 2013 Beta, but all of the information is consistent with the content of the RTM release).

Questions and Answer From the Webinar

Q: Can I choose another property for the key property in Data Storage (except id)?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can you assign permissions to who can edit a radgrid?
A: Not through the grid options, but certainly though code this can be accomplished.

Q: What is the status of HTML / JS running on WP8?
A: Currently it is not supported.

Q: Does this control library play nicely with Kendo UI in the windows 8 environment?
A: These are really different scenarios. Kendo UI is an excellent framework for creating cross platform applications that maximize reach.  The RadControls for Windows 8 focus on maximizing the richness of experience leveraging the full power of Windows 8 and the hardware.

Q: Does the grid have built in sorting and grouping?
A: Yes,  it is a simple as setting the correct options through markup or code.

Q: How about backworad compatibility? If uses run it in Window 7 or xp, what will happen?
A: WinJS/HTML based applications will not run on prior versions of Windows, nor will they run on Windows 8 in Desktop mode.

Q: Is there anything at all you can use from older xaml projects (like datatemplates etc), I mean wpf/sl
A: Some XAML will carry across to Windows 8 XAML applications, but XAML is not compatible with Windows 8 HTML based applications.


As you can see, the 2013 Q2 release contains an incredible amount of new and improved features.  Designed with the same personality as the native Windows 8 controls, the RadControls for Windows 8 HTML will get you application up and running fast with features that will set it head and shoulders above the competition.  Download it now and give it a spin!


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