To continue revealing bits and pieces of the upcoming Q3 2010 release, we will now introduce you to what Telerik has planned for one of the major controls in the Silverlight suite – the RichTextBox. Although officially released just a few months ago, the control offers cool features, such as Microsoft Word-like text editing and formatting, export and import support for numerous formats, support for embedding Silverlight UI elements and many more. With the final release for 2010, the RichTextBox gets richer with highly-requested features, such as table support, spellcheck and export to pdf.

Starting Q3 2010, your users will have all misspelled words underlined and will be provided with correction options in a context menu thanks to the newly built-in MS Word-like Spell Checker. Just like MS Word, the RichTextBox’ Spell Checker will support custom dictionaries and ignore once/ignore all.

Table support, another novelty to be introduced with Q3 2010, will allow your users to insert tables, define the number of rows and columns, insert additional rows and columns or delete them through selection. They will also be able to enjoy copy/paste of tables, row and column span.

To the variety of formats the RichTextBox allows importing from and exporting to, such as HTML, Docx, and XAML, Q3 2010 will also add PDF.

To bring the RichTextBox user experience even closer to the one with MS Word, we’ll add context and floating menu functionalities. The context menu will allow you to format the text, change misspelled words, add hyperlinks, copy/cut/paste text, insert paragraphs and edit tables. What is more, the context menu will be extensible and you will be able to programmatically add new items depending on the context. The floating menu, on the other hand, will appear upon selecting text in the RichTextBox and will allow you to format your selection.

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