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Q2 2010 release enriches Telerik JustCode feature set with the much anticipated Unit Test Runner, which enables Unit Testing in Visual Studio. The tool will help you easily run, debug, filter and group tests. It supports MSTest, xUnit, NUnit and MbUnit testing frameworks. The Unit Test Runner automatically detects unit tests in your project and opens a Unit Test window, which provides a very intuitive UI.  Navigating through your tests is easy thanks to the filtering functionality - you can filter tests according to different criteria, such as failed, ignored, or search using a custom text filter. Test grouping and debugging are also accessible from the toolbar of the Unit Test Window.


Thanks to the new Visual Aids feature, JustCode is very easy to use even if you have never tried the tool. When there are available JustCode actions, a contextual menu pops up. The menu shows you available features in the given context.


As promised, XAML support is improved with two new features: Event Handler annotating and Fix / Add missing namespaces.

A new code navigation feature has also been added - the Find Usages dialog is improved, helping you  easily distinguish and filter the read and write usages of a given member or variable. Of course we haven't forgotten about the JavaScript developers, so you can distinguish such usages in JavaScript as well.

If you are new to JustCode watch this one minute video explaining what sets JustCode apart from other Visual Studio productivity tools.

Do not forget to register for the “What’s new in Q2 2010: JustCode, JustMock, and OpenAccess ORM” webinar to learn more details about the new features. As usual we have organized a 5-day "What's New Webinar Week".   During this week you will be able to discover all of the major new features Telerik is shipping in the Q2 2010 release. At each webinar, attendees will have the chance of winning a Telerik Ultimate Collection ($1999 value).

Thursday, Jul 22, 1:00 am EST: JustCode, JustMock, and OpenAccess ORM webinar

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