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First I would like to apologize for the extreme delay in publishing this blog!  I was trying to see if it would be possible to salvage the video recording.  Unfortunately, due to the way I recorded it, audio was not captured properly.

With the bad news out of the way, I would like to say, most of the OpenAccess content is covered in a session I did at DevConnections this year, and is available on TTV here.  As for the other topics we covered, feel free to send me an email, and I will do my best to point you to an appropriate resource.

Conference Junkie

We added many great new Q3 2011 features to the Conference Junkie application; so make sure to download it, and send in any questions or feed back you may have.  The download includes source, a readme file, and a SQL script to pre-populate some data.


There were many great questions that came in during the webinar; so I wanted to post them up for all to see.  I tried to consolidate them a little so if I over looked one, please let me know! :)

  • Question: Is the source for Conference Junkie available?

    Answer: It is attached to this blog post

  • Question: Please show the code that gets generated for the additional ResultSets. Also, is the Stored Procedure called multiple times in this case, or just once?

    Answer: Currently the stored procedure will be called multiple times. We plan to update this very soon, but we are currently trying to decide the best way to return the results. Would you prefer them as a custom object with each result set as a property, a KeyValuePair with result set index as the key, a dictionary, or a tuple. Feel free to send your feedback to me at :)

  • Question: Do updates only pass changes from client to server?

    Answer: Only the changed properties for a persistent entity will be sent during a save operation.

  • Question: For Test Studio: We have 18 locations, many having only a T-1 line. Could we use Test Studio to sample application run times from these outside locations along with our IT based location?

    Answer: You should be able to handle this type of test with Test Studio

  • Question: Do the RadControls for ASP.NET support the incredibly simple StyleManager feature that was shown for XAML?

    Answer: Not in exactly the same way, all ASP.Net RadControls use CSS for styling, so you can easily override any of the out of the box style with your own custom style definition.

  • Question: Is there an ORM primer available? Can you provide the URL? I want my team to start using it across the board

    Answer: We are working on a brand new primer. It should be available very soon, for the time being, please check out the new getting started section in the documentation. Also, the SDK provides many great examples to help bring developers up to speed quickly.

  • Question: What are the recommended trace settings for production servers? Is it recommended at all? Will tracing errors only having a reasonable performance penalty?

    Answer: The method used for reporting data to the profiler is designed to have a low impact on the application. That said, logging always comes with a performance hit. For a production application I would recommend only capturing metrics, and setting the log level to None, or Errors (the default). More information about these settings is available in this documentation page.

  • Question: If we map a stored procedure to a persistent type, will the L2 cache be updated on other servers? (Is cache flush happening?)

    Answer: At the moment the stored procedure editor does not interact with the L2 cache.

  • Question: Does cache detect changes from other users on data and refresh the cache for others?

    Answer: Yes, the context will send an eviction notice to the cache when an entity has changed.

  • Question: Why orm rather than ef?

    Answer: EF is Microsoft’s ORM. OpenAccess ORM provides many more features than EF out of the box, for a full list check out this page on our website, and for highlights please watch this webinar.

  • Question: how do we create a dashboard for these metrics? or is there a template already there for us to use? any place we can go to learn about this more?

    Answer: Please feel free to take a look at the dashboard provided in the Conference Junkie Source code.

Happy coding!

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