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Conference season has been in full swing for the past couple of months, and I must say I'm glad things are settling down so I can get back into my normal routine. All this traveling has been fun - especially the opportunities to meet Telerik customers and many great members of the .NET community - but I'm ready to see the end of airports and conference halls for a few months. Those of you who travel to all the conferences and speak for a living, I have a newfound respect for you!

One of the cool things that I've brought home with me from each trips is all the pictures I took of the fun and interesting places I've gone. Okay, so I'm not much of a photographer and I am usually too lazy to even take my camera out when I actually have it with me. But this time I tried really hard to take as many photos as I could. Of course, then when I got home after each trip I was too lazy (or too busy?) to take them time to post them to my Flickr account. But now I have finally uploaded them, and they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

Here are the pictures you'll find of my travels:

  • Telerik Evangelism Summit 2008 (Boston, MA) - The 4 Telerik evangelists got together for a few days to talk shop and discuss strategy. What we did was top secret, but you can see we spent the days around a large conference table.
  • DevReach 2008 (Sofia, Bulgaria) - A few shots of the conference in Bulgaria. Most of these images are of the group of speakers and some of the US team as we were herded from restaurant to restaurant each night by our gracious Bulgarian hosts. Unfortunately, I do not have any shots of Stephen Forte walking barefoot across hot coals.
  • Site-seeing (Sofia and Melnik, Bulgaria) - After DevReach, the speakers and some of us from the Telerik US team took a site-seeing trip throughout the Bulgaria countryside. We saw a winery and a Monastery. We also toured Sofia, Telerik's home base.
  • PDC 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - Fun pictures of the crew setting up and tearing down the Telerik booth, as well as shots from the keynotes.
  • DevConnections 2008 (Las Vegas, NV) - I went to Las Vegas to attend DevConnections but had to return home the night before the conference started because of a family emergency. Luckily I got to tour the strip with the rest of the guys and took some shots from there. Unfortunately there are no conference pictures (except for a few of the Telerik crew waiting to set up the booth).

And finally, straight from DevReach for your viewing please, here is a great video of Miguel Castro doing a Bulgarian cultural dance. I think he was the star of the conference!



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