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Todd Anglin's blog on how to trust the SQL an ORM tool produces stirred quite a bit of attention from the community, which also pushed us to action. As a result, we are happy to announce very exciting news on the next version of Telerik OpenAccess ORM, due this summer.

Telerik OpenAccess Q2 2011 will come with a built-in Profiler, which will open the "black box" of its operations and will give you an insight on how to optimize its behavior. This tool will also provide great assistance to developers who have decided to not use an ORM tool on the premise that they are unsure what it does. The OpenAccess Profiler will make this process transparent!

OpenAccess ORM Q2 will feature several additional new features, which are as important as the Profiler:

  • Support for multiple backends which will allow you to run two or more data stores simultaneously;
  • ADO.NET-like low-level API for fetching data in fast, efficient, and low-on-memory way;
  • Feature complete Fluent Mapping API, which will be easier to get started with thru the Visual Designer.
Head out to the Telerik OpenAccess ORM Roadmap page and check out the details!


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