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One of the most demanding tasks we always had at the Telerik OpenAccess ORM team, is to demonstrate to our customers and the whole ORM community the capabilities that our product possess. They say a demo is worth 1000 words. I can’t agree more with that. In the case of our product though I would like to add: a video is worth at least for 10 demos. That is the reason why we built a brand new video-oriented web site where we have carefully described each of the most important features (and their count is growing) and all the effort necessary for building a demo which you can see on the related page.


Another problem that we tried to solve is efficient navigation to resources that are contextual to an example in the site: there are countless resources available for OpenAccess. There are lots of documentation, Knowledge-Base articles, Code-library projects and blogs but there is also the problem of finding something specific related to certain OpenAccess functionality. I am sure that at least once, you have wondered like:“ …now, this Forward mapping… sounds great, where should I start?” Well this is addressed now, especially for our new customers that are trying to ‘hook up with some basic knowledge for the Telerik ORM product. Visiting a demo for the feature you are interested in, gives you a whole list of available resources in a friendly navigation panel. There you have it all: related documentation, KB’s, blog-post, external links..

We value our customers opinion, so we provided the voting option. Now you have a place where you can give your positive or negative opinion for each one of the demo or video resources we provide. That way we will always keep track of what is good and likable by our clients and where we need improvements.


We all really hope that you enjoy browsing our site and having fun with it. By the way, building such a site and putting all the content together is not that hard when using our Sitefinity CMS as we did.


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