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Announcing the R2 2021 release of our mocking framework, Telerik JustMock.

The R2 2021 release of our mocking framework, Telerik JustMock, includes performance improvements, Debug Window showing information about the arguments used in the arrangement, support for .NET 6 Preview 3 and improvements in the Visual Studio extension. Let’s look at the details.

Enhanced Telerik JustMock Profiler for Even Faster Unit Test Execution

With the previous JustMock release R1 2021, we shipped a configuration to speed up the unit tests’ execution time. With R2 2021, we’ve continued to improve the JustMock profiler by optimizing the process of instrumenting the code required for managing the lifecycle of the mock objects for all DLLs that contain unit tests.

A funnel receiving DLLs places them in one of two buckets: Test DLLs and All Others.

Debug Window Now Shows Arguments Information for a Particular Mock Arrangement

We’ve put a lot of effort into providing you a way to resolve faster any issues you might have with your mock object. Until now, you had the information about the invocation of each mocked method but lacked the information detailing with what arguments a method had been mocked. With R2 2021, the Debug Window has this functionality as well. This will let you compare the arguments used for mocking the method and the actual arguments with which an invocation has been made.

DebugWindow with arrange arguments info, showing two argument matchers

Support for .NET 6 Preview 3

Microsoft shipped a third preview version of .NET 6 at the beginning of April this year. We’ve made a promise to support all new versions of .NET and are delivering on that promise. JustMock now supports .NET 6 Preview 3.

A designed piece indicating: JustMock + NET 6 Preview v3 are connected

Improved User Experience When the Trial Period has Expired

The current experience when the trial period has expired includes the buttons for enabling and disabling the JustMock profiler to be inactive. This was somewhat confusing to the trialists and for that reason we have added another button with the text, “Why JustMock is disabled,” which leads to dialog information about the license.

Extensions > JustMock > Why JustMock Profiler is disabled

In addition to that, we’ve slightly reorganized the menus and moved several of them into a new one for better usability.

Extensions > JustMock > Help shows Documentations, Suggest a Feature, Check for Updates, Customer Experience Improvement Program, License Information, About JustMock

Telerik and Kendo UI Community Forums Revamp

And last but not least, we revamped one of the favorite places that developers love hanging out—the Telerik and Kendo UI Community Forums. Check out the complete story of why and what in the dedicated blog post.

Telerik and Kendo UI Forums Hub

Get the New Version Now

The R2 2021 release is already available for download in customers’ accounts. If you are new to Telerik JustMock, you can learn more about it via the product page. It comes with a 30-day free trial, giving you some time to explore the capabilities of JustMock.

Try JustMock Now

Sign Up for the Webinar and Catch Us on Twitch

To see the new release in action, please join us on the Telerik R2 2021 webinar, on Wednesday, May 19, from 11:00 am – 1 pm ET. You can also catch our live sessions on Twitch on Tuesday, May 18, from 1:30 – 3:00 pm ET and Thursday, May 20, from 9:00 – 10:30 am ET, when our developer advocates will dive into your favorite Telerik productivity features.

Save My Webinar Seat

Feel free to drop us a comment below sharing your thoughts. Or visit our Feedback Portal and let us know if you have any suggestions or if you need any particular features.

You can also check our release history page for a complete list of the included improvements.

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