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Or the quickest way to acquire and start utilizing RadControls

Okay, I’m throwing it out: With Visual Studio 2010 on your machine and a Telerik account, you can set up a project utilizing the latest RadControls in less than two minutes.

Here is how:

  • Start Visual Studio 2010
  • Launch the Extension Manager and navigate to the Online Gallery tab
  • Search for Telerik VSExtensions
  • Install the VSExtensions you’re interested in. For the time being there are four of them: WebUI ( RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX ), Silverlight ( RadControls for Silverlight ), WPF ( RadControls for WPF ) and WinForms ( RadControls for WinForms ). VSExtensions for ASP.NET MVC are in production and will be published to the Visual Studio Online Gallery with the official release of the Telerik UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
  • Restart Visual Studio (the VSExtensions consist of a VS Integration Package and need a restart)
  • Start the Add New Project dialog from Visual Studio and select the Telerik project you prefer:
  • Hit the Download button from the New Project Wizard, enter your Telerik credentials and download the newest RadControls distribution
  • Follow the wizard to get your project created, click Finish and voilla: there’s your new project, configured with the references needed and expecting you to create the next killer app on the web!



Well, it turned out that all the steps take less than a minute on a machine with a SSD and a faster internet connection, but I assume a larger part of you have the environment similar to yours truly :)


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Erjan Gavalji

 is Software Developer in Telerik

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