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The Worthy Web hackathon starts today (April 7) and runs six weeks, through May 24. Using Blazor, Angular or React, developers can create web apps for good, and be eligible for cash prizes ($40K total!).

If there is a silver lining from our pandemic experience, for me it would have to be the different kinds of connections we formed with colleagues and friends as we remained socially-distanced. We saw the inside of each other’s homes, we met each other’s significant others—spouses, partners, children and pets—during video calls. We shared our struggles and fears, but also our triumphs and happiness. And with that, something special happened—we started showing each other grace.

As our teams were talking about ways we could interact with the developer community this year, it became abundantly clear we wanted to do something that would allow us to connect with you in a meaningful way—to let you have fun with our products and harness that spirit of grace by doing something that would positively impact others.

And it is with all that in mind that we created the Worthy Web hackathon—a six-week challenge designed for developers to create web apps with Blazor, Angular or React that make the world a better place. The hackathon begins today (April 7) and runs through May 24 and is hosted on DevPost—

The Details/Nitty-Gritty/The Skinny/The Scoop

There are nine prize categories and $40,000 USD in cash prizes up for grabs. Remember, in order to be considered for any of these prizes, the app must do or promote goodness in some capacity.

The three main prizes are:

Hackathon Main Prizes are: Best use of Telerik UI for Blazor, Best use of Kendo UI for Angular, and Best use of KendoReact. Each one has a prize of $7,500 USD, the app is featured as a case study on and in the winners announcement blog post, a 30-minute virtual meeting with the team leads from the appropriate Telerik/Kendo team, and a DevCraft Complete license.


You will be able to indicate if you’d like your app to be considered for one of the following bonus categories as well:

Hacakthon Bonus Prizes. Best Mobile Support, prizes $5,000 USD, app featured as a case study on and in the winners blog post. And five others: Best app modernization, Best documented use of JustMock, Best implementation of Reporting, Best documented use of Test Studio, and Best documented use of Fiddler Everywhere. All of those 5 phaves prizes: $2,500 USD, and the app is featured as a case study on and in the winners announcement blog post.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria is fairly straightforward, with three key areas of focus:

  • Implementation and Use of the Tools & Components
    How well are the Telerik and/or Kendo UI components used and styled. Were the best components chosen for the job? How well are the productivity tools implemented? Were the tests run correctly/effectively?

  • Positive Impact on the World/Community
    As the hackathon is all about making the world a better place one web app at a time, does the submission achieve that? We believe that goodness no matter the scope is good.

  • Quality of the Idea & Overall Execution
    Will the app experience not only delight the end user, but is it accessible? Is it inclusive? Was the app built with empathy for those who will use it?

    Progress and DevPost employees and their family members, plus a few others, aren’t eligible to participate. You can find eligibility criteria here =>


We have put together five panels of judges—Blazor; Angular; React; Modernization, Mobile Support and Reporting; and Testing & Debugging—who will provide the top three submissions from their respective categories to an overarching panel of judges including: Yogesh Gupta (CEO of Progress), Loren Jarrett (DevTools SVP & GM, Progress), Vesko Kolev (VP of engineering, Progress), Stefan Stefanov (director, product management and marketing, Progress) and me (director, developer relations, Progress).

How to Enter

To enter the hackathon, simply visit and sign up. If you don’t have licenses to our products, don’t worry, you can download a free trial. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered there, too. Click on the “Resources” tab on the Worthy Web hackathon page and you’ll find all sorts of getting started links, the trial downloads again and even some app ideas.


Connecting With Us During the Challenge

We have opened a Slack channel just for the hackathon, and we will be hosting the Weekly Worthy Web Show on our Twitch channel, CodeItLive. We encourage all participants to reach out on Slack or tune in and chat with us on Twitch.

Weekly Worthy Web Show Schedule

(All shows begin at 11:00 a.m. ET.)

Hackathon Twitch Schedule. Date, Host, Topic: Tues, April 6, TJ VanToll, A Hands-On Intro to KendoReact (w/ special guest Alyssa Nicoll); Tues, April 13, Ed Charbeneau, Semantic HTML and Accessibility (w/ special guest Chris DeMars); Tues, April 20, Sam Basu, Building for Mobile with Web Technologies; Tues, April 27, Alyssa Nicoll, Let's Build a Drop Down!; Tues, May 4, TJ VanToll, A Deep Dive into the KendoReact Grid; Tues, May 11, Ed Charbeneau, All Things Grid for Blazor; Tues, May 18, Alyssa Nicoll, It's a Surprise!; Tues, May 25, Sam Basu, Accessibility for Mobile Apps.

Ready? Set. Go!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Worthy Web Hackathon today and let’s make the world a better place, one web app at a time!

Sara Faatz
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Sara Faatz

Sara Faatz leads the Telerik and Kendo UI developer relations team at Progress. She has spent the majority of her career in the developer space building community, producing events, creating marketing programs, and more. When she's not working, she likes diving with sharks, running, and watching hockey.

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