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bccThat’s right, yours truly will be at the 2009 Boise Code Camp & Tech Fest this Saturday and Sunday delivering a couple of general .NET development talks. If you’re in the area you definitely don’t want to miss out on this event, because it’s going to be huge. There are already 600+ signed up to attend! For my part in all this, I’ll be talking LINQ and ASP.NET. The sessions are tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Here are the sessions descriptions:

LINQ to Everything!
So you think you already know everything there is to know about LINQ? You've used it to query your SQL Server database and your objects, and even to manipulate your XML. But have you ever looked under the hood to understand what makes LINQ tick? What are these magical things we call lambda expressions? Why would I ever want to use an extension method? Come get the answer to these questions and more as I show you how LINQ works and what you need to know to write your own LINQ extensions. After this session you'll be ready to LINQ to everything!

Taking Control of the ASP.NET Pipeline
We often forget that there is more to ASP.NET than simply dragging and dropping controls onto a page. Some may consider what goes on underneath to be magic, but if you're interested in digging into the internals of ASP.NET this is definitely the session for you. Join me as I show you how the ASP.NET pipeline works and what happens from the moment it receives a request to when it spits out a response. We'll then take a look at how we can use HttpHandlers and HttpModules to bend the pipeline to our will and customize it for our own purposes. You'll leave with some real-world examples of techniques you can take home to use in your own applications.

If you want to talk Telerik from someone who’s in the know, I’ll be around all weekend and happy to answer your questions. Or we can just find a comfy couch, break out the laptop, and have some fun with the RadControls. And as always, there will be some RadControls for the winning!


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