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Whether you use Kendo UI, a DevCraft bundle or other Telerik products, and no matter the support you need, we have great new options for you.

Some months ago, we set out on a journey to review our bundles and the way in which our products are offered. Through this process, we have spoken with and read feedback from so many of our customers. The applications you are building with our products spread the gamut from custom and niche to mission-critical enterprise; from line-of-business to consumer facing. Our developer community is helping to make the world better through technology and innovation – and we are inspired.

Through these conversations, we developed a rich understanding of the frameworks you are using today, and the technologies you may use in the future. Beyond products and technology, we discussed what you expect from our technical support – and of course we discussed the overall value you place on our products and service.

Thank you for the overwhelming response we received to our reach-out – the changes described below are a direct result of the process so many of you were involved in.

Changes to Technical Support

Most of our individual products can now be configured with one of three options for technical support – this gives you the ability to choose the appropriate level of support for you and your team. If you ever need a higher level of support, your subscription can always be upgraded.

  • Lite - 72-hour response time (10 ticket limit) – This option allows you to purchase our products at an incredible value and provides just enough support for small projects that are not on tight timelines.
  • Priority - 24-hour response time (unlimited tickets) – Perfect for professional developers with typical deadlines.
  • Ultimate – Ideal for professional developers with tight deadlines. Phone support can provide immediate or same-day solutions to commonly encountered issues, remote web assistance can be used to observe issues in your own environment, and issue escalation allows the most critical issues to be escalated directly to product developers.

For more information and a complete side-by-side comparison of the support plans, click here.

DevCraft Bundles

Our DevCraft bundles offer .NET developers the most cost effective way to futureproof their toolbox, and streamline beautiful UI across a variety of technologies and frameworks. Effective today, we are introducing a new ‘DevCraft UI’ bundle that includes all the Telerik UI products that a .NET developer could ever need at an incredible price of $1299. DevCraft UI joins DevCraft Complete and DevCraft Ultimate, which have also been updated. To learn more about our new line-up of DevCraft bundles, click here.

Changes to Kendo UI

We believe that the biggest changes for our Kendo UI product is the introduction of React and Vue support. React and Vue support join existing support for jQuery and Angular, creating the industry’s most complete UI toolbox for JavaScript developers. You may also notice that we have simplified the product names into a single offer called Kendo UI that comes complete with jQuery, AngularJS, Angular, React, and Vue support. Additional server-side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, PHP, and JSP can be added as needed, and like our other UI products, Kendo UI can be configured with Lite, Priority, or Ultimate support. To learn more about pricing and what is included in Kendo UI, click here.

I own a license of Telerik, DevCraft, or Kendo UI – what does this mean for me?

While full details can be found here , we are pleased to inform you that you will have access to all the great products and support you initially purchased – and in some cases even more. Additionally, you will maintain the same level of support and the same renewal prices.

Thanks again to our amazing community of developers – we love you and hope you love the new R3 bits and bundles.

About the Author

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the Director of Business Development for Developer Tooling (Telerik & Kendo UI product lines) at Progress and is based in San Francisco, CA. Daniel has a passion for technology, a vision for product, and a story to tell. When he is not at the keyboard, you’ll likely find him behind a camera at sunrise. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @dlevy.

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