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In my last blog post, I introduced you to our new HTML 5 based xView extension to TeamPulse and specifically wrote about the Project Status view. In this post, I’ll go into further detail about the People Status view.

People Status xView

People Status

The goal of this xView is to give high-level work information about all of the people using TeamPulse and to assist in identifying people who may require help.

As with the Project Status view, we wanted this view to allow people to focus on the most important information in a single glance. If people don’t require help, the information is not presented in such a way that your attention is drawn to those individuals. It only highlights those people who may need assistance.

Let's take a closer look at each column:

Past 7 Days

The first column quickly lets a person see whether an individual may be stuck on a particular item. The chart displays a series of bars that represent items being completed. Items could be tasks, stories, bugs, issues or risks but the important aspect is that this chart only shows when an item is completed. If a person is working on an item (or many items) over a couple of days, but is not completing any of those items, we highlight that period of days in red so that you can investigate further to see if that person may be blocked or just overwhelmed. This chart reinforces the principle that progress is more then just about working on something. True progress comes from completing activities.

Work Items

The next series of columns present information about a person’s workload. How many items they have been assigned,, how many are currently in progress and how many items have been completed this iteration. xView allows you to have customized alerts that will warn you if people have too much work assigned to them or too many items in progress. xView also alerts you if people have work assigned to them, but no work in progress and xView also shows you which people have no work assigned to them and no work in progress.

Unplanned Stories/Tasks

The final column displays people working on items that were added to the middle an iteration, which usually indicates unplanned work.

As with the Project Status view, for each person, there is an expanded view where additional information about exactly what projects the person is working on is displayed, along with workload information for each of those projects. If you wish to get more detail about exactly what items a person is working on, a single click of the mouse can take you to the new My Perspective xView, where all the person’s work, across multiple projects, is displayed.

In my next blog post, I’ll go into more details on this final xView feature included in this release.

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