Two weeks ago, I was presented with a challenge:  can a bluetooth headset with a significant API be programmed to work with the Telerik ASP.Net AJAX controls?  The headset in question, a Plantronics Legend UC is a fine headset. With a desire in my mind to address any challenge to the capabilities of our controls, I accepted the challenge and began working with the hardware.

The result of my efforts was documented and posted to CodeProject.  On that site, you can read about how I enabled the headset to effect a "clock-in" and "clock-out" action with a timeclock service.  Coupled with our Notification control, I built a really neat interaction between hardware and software using WebAPI, JavaScript, and a bit of c#. 

I encourage you to check out the article at CodeProject.  

If you attend our AJAX webinar on Tuesday, this is the headset that I will be using to give my presentation.  I encourage you to register, there are giveaways planned and you get to hear me give my FIRST Telerik webinar.

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Jeffrey T. Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a Microsoft MVP in ASP.Net and an ASPInsider with more than a decade of experience writing and delivering large scale multi-tenant web applications. After building applications with ASP, ASP.NET and now ASP.NET MVC, he is crazy about building web sites for all sizes on any device. You can read more from Jeffrey on his personal blog or on Twitter at @csharpfritz. Google Profile


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