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When you work on a support team, collecting end-user details takes most of your time. Imagine you could change how much time you spend communicating back and forth and put an end to video chats because you have a troubleshooting solution that does all that for you.

What’s the Catch?

It’s not too good to be true—it is a Chromium-based browser extension that requires no complicated setup or onboarding. Within the Fiddler Jam extension, the end user can record network logs, capture video that includes their exact actions. Nothing gets lost, and you can see bugs, errors and other issues through the eyes of your customer.

What About Security?

The appropriate next question you likely have is: What about security? That is valid and that is why Fiddler Jam has built-in sensitive data masking. For that extra level of trust, the password-protected logs are client-side encrypted with AES-CTR, and the password is not stored on Fiddler Jam servers. For more on data privacy, check out our knowledgebase:

What Else Can It Do?

There are even more benefits to you and your support team with the Fiddler Jam portal. However, in this post, I want to demonstrate for you exactly how easy and straightforward it will be for your end users to record a Fiddler Jam log. Rather than explain it to you, I can show you with video in under a minute. Sometimes you need to see it to really grasp the power of a troubleshooting solution, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Show, Don’t Tell!


Ask yourself, what would you do with all the time you’d win back and the confidence that comes with knowing you didn’t miss a detail? Only you can answer that, and maybe it’s time to spearhead an initiative for rethinking your team’s approach to troubleshooting. To be able to delight end users and lessen the burden associated with your day-to-day is a game-changer in customer-centric environments.

To learn more about Fiddler Jam, including how to claim a 14-day trial, visit:

About the Author

Eve Turzillo

Eve is a senior developer advocate at Progress and is enthralled in everything to do with web debugging and the world of network traffic. When not writing content or streaming, you can find her at your favorite developer events.


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