Earlier in the week my colleague Ramiro blogged about Telerik at TechEd, and the exclusive T-Shirt we had to give away to attendees. We never dreamed how popular these TechEd Exclusive t-shirts would be, and we were completely sold out by the end of the first day.

After three days at TechEd, and an uncountable number of demos, we want to give away something special to those people that came by Booth #517 even when we had no SWAG left to give. I created a small puzzle containing some of the basic information you might have heard at our booth. You can find all the answers in the products booklet that we handed out – and of course on the Telerik website.

Here’s what you have to do: Answer the below questions in the DOWN spaces of the crossword puzzle below. When complete – you will find a secret Telerik code-word ACROSS at the location indicated by the arrow. Come by the Telerik Booth (#517) anytime Thursday before 3pm CDT, find me (Richard) and tell me the code word.

What do you get for all this work you might ask? We have exactly ten (10) exclusive Ninja Stress balls for the first 10 people to come by with the correct answer. Make your friends jealous with limited exclusive SWAG only for Telerik fans.

Here are your clues:

  1. Telerik DevTools Mascot
  2. X-Ray your assemblies and see their insides.
  3. Our newest product offering HTML5 mobile widgets
  4. “A”synchronous framework for our largest Web control collection
  5. Use this product to make sense of your data
  6. This one helps you un-spaghetti your  ‘code’


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