Using RadControls can boost the development process, using bunch of built-in features. However, sometimes we encountered scenarios where we need something very specific. In addition, we do want to make our custom logic encapsulated and easy reusable.  So,when this is the case,using behaviors is our best choice. In this blog I will show small example how to use the behavior power to enable row reorder functionality.



In order to enable drag and drop functionality, it simply uses our RadDragAndDropManager, giving us simple solution for the drag/drop functionality. So in order to use it and customize it we can even go the Blend And not write a line of code:



And since its settings are exposed as Dependency Properties one can customize it directly from the properties window:



The archive includes Silverlight  sample project, however it can be easily converted for WPF usage. Hope you'll enjoy it.


Update: Please check the WPF version here - WPF.RowReorder


Update 2: In addition you can check the version that enables auto scrolling while dragging items in Silverlight - SL.RowReorder.AutoScroll

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Tsvyatko Konov

is software developer in Telerik Windows 8 product team. You can follow him on Twitter @tsvyatco and his personal blog at

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