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On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guests Michael Crump and Jen Looper discuss mobile development and e-books. We learn what it's like to try to enter the app stores and what tools are needed to get started in mobile development.

Jen Looper @JenLooper

jen looper

She is a web and mobile developer and founder of Ladeez First Media which is a small indie mobile development studio. In her spare time, she is a dancer, teacher and multiculturalist who is always learning.

Michael Crump @mbcrump

Michael Crump

Michael Crump is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight and MSDN author as well as an international speaker.

He works at Telerik with a focus on everything mobile. You can follow him on Twitter at @mbcrump or keep up with his various blogs by visiting his Telerik Blog or his Personal Blog.

Show notes

  1. 1:10 Ladeez First Media
  2. 2:30 Snappy Squirrel
  3. 3:17 Snappy Squirrel
  4. 4:00 QuickNoms
  5. 5:12 Treadmill Assistant
  6. 6:20 Microsoft Band SDK
  7. 6:40 Build Your First Google Wear App
  8. 20:32 Girl Develop It
  9. 22:05 Scratch
  10. 22:45 Mommy/Daddy & Me Circuit Art Workshop

About the Author

Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau is a web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Telerik. He has designed and developed web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. Ed's latest projects can be found on GitHub.


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