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We believe that motion and interactivity are key parts of the whole Windows Phone 7 OS. That is why we put a lot of effort in implementing an intuitive and highly performing zooming and panning behavior for RadChart for WP7. We see many scenarios when a zoom is required – for example you may want to display large amount of data points – let’s say the monthly sales for a period of 10 years. In this case you may try to visualize all the 120 points within the device’s physical dimensions or you may apply a zoom to the chart so that the user, using Pan Gesture, may navigate through the entire timeline, seeing reasonable amount of data points at a time.

We are really excited to share that we will introduce Pan and Zoom behavior for RadChart for WP7 in the upcoming BETA 2, expected by the middle of the next week. Having enough frame rates per second (both for the GPU and the CPU, as described in my previous blog post) the control responds instantly to a Pinch gesture and a zoom factor is applied to the whole chart area. You may optionally enable and/or disable either the panning or the zooming or both. Or you may specify the zoom (pan) along the horizontal or the vertical axis only. These features are fully programmable and you may specify the desired pan offset and zooming ratio either through code or in XAML. In the above described scenario with the monthly sales for a 10 years period, applying zooming factor of 10 along the X-axis will display only the first year to the user, letting him or her to pan left or right to navigate to the desired year.

Well, a video is worth thousands words, so here is a sneak preview of our Pan and Zoom behavior:

Do not hesitate to grab a copy of BETA 2 once it’s out – expected next week – and to give us your feedback on what may be further improved and/or polished in our charting component. And do not forget: everyone who submits feedback on the Beta release until the Q2 release, mid-July, will enter in a drawing for 20 free licenses. The lucky winners will be contacted via e-mail.

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