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The .NET ecosystem is evolving fast, and the DevReach conference offered .NET developers a unique look into the present & future. Relive DevReach as international experts share .NET love.

.NET. It's the beloved development ecosystem for millions of developers worldwide and the platform of choice for many enterprises to run their mission-critical business applications. Of late, .NET has been enjoying a renaissance - key innovations seem to set up the framework for the next decade of success. Developer excitement is palpable.

DevReach is Central & Eastern Europe's premier developer conference, and took place November 13th-14th in beautiful Sofia BG. An awesome lineup of international experts/speakers shared their vision for .NET - what's in it today & what's to look forward tomorrow. This post dives into what DevReach offered for the latest in .NET development.

You can now relive each of the breakout sessions recorded in full HD. Enjoy!

.NET Everywhere

One of the key changes in modern .NET has been flexibility - .NET isn't the monolithic Windows-only framework any more. .NET today powers all kinds of apps for web/desktop/mobile across various platforms, and boasts of a healthy ecosystem with rich tooling everywhere. While AR/VR and AI make .NET future-facing, modern day tooling keep developers productive.

If you were a .NET developer attending DevReach, we had a cornucopia of .NET content delivered by some of the best speakers from around the world. DevReach has a long history of delivering the best .NET sessions, and 2018, the 10 year DevReach anniversary, did not disappoint. Here's a quick look at what DevReach offered for .NET developers:

Future of .NET

A lot is changing in .NET land - come discover the today & tomorrow from our speakers:



Everyday .NET

While the future may be exciting, we cannot get there unless we understand present day .NET technologies & tooling. The following speakers can help:



.NET Ecosystem

Today's .NET powers apps in the Cloud and can be containerized for easy hosting. The open source ecosystem invites collaboration, but demands understanding of legal & etiquette nuances. Here are some speakers who can help break down the barriers:



AR/VR with .NET

AR/VR looks poised to become the next iteration of human-computer interactions. And .NET together with Unity can power your AR/VR apps. These experts can show us the future:



UX Considerations for AR/VR

While AR/VR may be cool, it demands a complete rethinking about UX - the best apps will fall flat if this next generation of user experience isn't well thought through. These two speakers can help:



.NET on Mobile/Desktop

.NET can effortlessly power iOS and Android apps through Xamarin, with a variety of other platforms already supported. And .NET desktop apps can benefit from modernization and code sharing. Meet two of our speakers who actually build the very tools that most .NET developers use:



.NET Productivity

Developers are most productive when they understand all that their chosen framework offers under the covers. And developer sanity can be gained with testing coverage, knowing security features and using latest tools on top of .NET. Our expert speakers can shine light:



Cherish the Memories

If you attended the anniversary edition of DevReach, first up - thank you. Above anything, we can all be proud of the developer community we've built over the past decade around DevReach. If you were a .NET developer attending DevReach, we hope you enjoyed the amazing array of content from our speakers. With session recordings up, we can all look back at what we needed to remember from sessions or just sit back to relive the memories. 

Thank you & see you next year!

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