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DevReach is Oct. 25-26, 2023, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Is it worth attending? (Yes!)

But Why—Reasons to Attend

Explore Bulgaria

“Yes, but from Bulgaria.”

Shush, darling, there’s no way you’ve seen it all!

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Latest in Technology Happenings (Yes, That is the Official Term)

DevReach talks will answer these burning questions and more:

  • How do I get started with Tailwind?
  • Is Blazor everything Microsoft promised it would be?
  • How can I actually utilize AI in my workflow?
  • Minimal APIs … I’ve heard of this but is it worth me learning and implementing?
  • What is going on with Angular? It’s like a renaissance or something.
  • How can I implement a more ethical practice, as a developer or tech-adjacent role?
  • Usability testing isn’t out of reach?
  • What can I do today to make my site more accessible?
  • What is a state machine?
  • How can I stop wasting so much breath and actually write modular components?
  • I don’t need media queries anymore?
  • How can I up my authentication game?
  • How can I upgrade my Xamarin app to .NET MAUI?
  • It’s not too late to architect my app?

DevReach - The Premier Dev Conference - Oct 25-26, 2023, Sofia, BG

Hang out with Cool People

Cool people like:

  • The humble but brilliant Nick Chapsas—content creator 🎥, author and founder of Dometrain.
  • A true goddess and leader in the .NET space, Layla Porter—streamer, content creator, MVP and Dev Advocate 🥑 at VMware.
  • Knower of all things technology and memory that puts mine to shame, Richard Campbell—the host of .NET Rocks, the host of RunAs Radio and wildly sought after contractor for all the big companies.
  • The compassionate and infamous Gift Egwuenu—developer advocate at Cloudflare, GitHub Star, MVP and authentication expert.
  • The brilliant Laura Kalbag—developer and designer advocate at Stately.
  • The amazing and well-known Irina Scurtu—prominent for her knowledge of .NET web APIs.
  • Impeccable and famous Jeff Fritz—streamer and knower of .NET-y bits. Kind soul.
  • The astonishing David Ortinau—Principal Product Manager at Microsoft and cross-platform guru.
  • The masterful Scott Hunter—VP Director of Product at Microsoft on Azure Developer Experience.
  • The darling Maddy Montaquila—as thoughtful as she is gifted, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, and knower of all things Xamarin and .NET MAUI.
  • King Gerald Versluis—knows more about .NET MAUI than I know about myself. Hella humble, super sweet, with a wicked-smart brain.

Community and Invaluable Networking

Did I ever tell you how I got started in my career? I was still in college and I did a talk at a bar camp in Orlando (cross between a meetup and a conference). It was a talk about the pitfalls web dev students fell into (the only subject at the time I was an expert in). A man walked up to me after my talk and asked if I was hired yet. With one month to go before graduation, I was ashamed to report that I was the only student left in my class to not have a job lined up. He told me to swing by the office on Monday and so I did. During my tour of the office (Code School in Orlando), I was introduced as “the new content developer,” which is how I discovered I was hired.

Conferences are powerful and they are the reason for every job and advancement I’ve made in my career. You never fully realize the value of the networking efforts you put in for events like DevReach. But through the years I have definitive points in time where I can point back and say, “That was because of my talk at ng-conf,” or, “That was because of a connection I made at Progress 360.” Networking, I believe, is the most striking reason to come to DevReach.


From the after-parties to a graffiti city tour of Sofia to trying rakia for the first time, the DevReach extras are lit. The swag, two full days of content, access to the brilliant speakers and thought leaders in the web and .NET, the networking, the snacks and coffee, the after-party ticket … all for €225?! Seriously, it’s a crime how cheap these tickets are. And did you SEE our speaker line-up?!

regular tickets available - get yours now

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Alyssa Nicoll

Alyssa is an Angular Developer Advocate & GDE. Her two degrees (Web Design & Development and Psychology) feed her speaking career. She has spoken at over 30 conferences internationally, specializing in motivational soft talks, enjoys gaming on Xbox and scuba diving in her spare time. Her DM is always open, come talk sometime.


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