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So, you occasionally (or frequently) attend user group meetings. There is always that one ‘guy’ who organized  the venue, arranged for a star speaker to come in,  and even got pizza & pop. He/she collects the feedback forms after the meeting to send them off to INETA, and makes sure the meeting room is left in ‘presentable’ state so the user group doesn’t get kicked out of this meeting space. Updates of the group website are courtesy of this community champion….

In addition to incredible passion of your user group leader, did you ever wonder what is needed to run a successful user group?


Cold. Hard. CASH.


Enter this joint offer to all user groups by Telerik, Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions. You can do your part now.



Here is some additional information; for the rest – head over to

-          1. Develop and deploy any WP7 application using Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone AND PreEmptive Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone to be eligible for the offer.

-          2. Applications must have been submitted & approved to the marketplace between February 15th 2011 and May 31st 2011

-          3. There is no limit on how many apps your user group can submit,  but there are only 500 spots available WW. So, act quickly .

-          4. You get to keep the app. We don’t care if it is a commercial or a free app.

-          5. You score some free software

o   Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone

o   PreEmptive’s Runtime Intelligence

o   And a reminder about already free tools from Microsoft - Windows Phone Developer tools (

 For more details, and to obtain FREE tools you need to participate, head over to Windows Phone FTW – brought to you by Telerik, Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions.  

I hope you enjoy giving back to your user group as much as we enjoyed putting this offer together for you! To make it easier for you to run this idea by your user group, here is a one-slide PPT you can use at your UG meeting.  Help the user group community by tweeting about the offer - please use #WP7_FTW hashtag.



 PS. Telerik, Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions are heavily involved in user group support already. This is just another ‘push’ for developers to grow your Windows Phone 7 development skills while giving back to the user group community. We remain committed to supporting usergroups worldwide after this offer as well.


About the Author

Sasha Krsmanovic

is a VP of Product Marketing at Telerik and is based in Toronto, Canada. A geek at heart, Sasha works with HTML and JavaScript developers worldwide and loves learning from passionate people. You can follow Sasha on Twitter @k_sasha.


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