With the VSIX deployment in Visual Studio 2010 the world become a better place for developers – we are now able to add small tools to our IDEs and customize them the way we want with just a few megs of download from the Online Gallery. If we don’t use the tool for some time and we don’t want it to eat some of our PC resources we can just disable it through the Extension Manager. If we don’t like a tool we can simply remove it. The VSIX deployment guarantees that a tool is uninstallable, as the deployment is just an xcopy operation. Even if the IDE fails with the uninstall, we can use Windows Explorer, navigate to the Extensions folder (either %appdata%\..\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\Extensions folder, or [vsinstalldir]\Common7\IDE\Extensions folder).


There is a new entry in the Visual Studio Online Gallery, Telerik.Web.UI.VSPackage for some time now, which was recently renamed to Telerik WebUI VSExtensions. By the time of the rename, three new packages were added – Telerik Silverlight VSExtensions, Telerik WPF VSExtensions and Telerik WinForms VSExtensions.
These are all the updated versions of the specific Visual Studio Extensions for RadControls -  the composition of Telerik RadControls project templates, New Project Wizard, Project Configuration Wizard and Upgrade Wizard.




The Visual Studio Extensions in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2010 Service Pack 2 release now can be updated/replaced with the version in the Online Gallery, so you won’t need to download the entire installer to get your projects and the Visual Studio Extensions updated anymore. We will be updating the VSExtensions in the Online Gallery with each RadControls release and any time we fix a critical bug. That said, you can acquire vsextensions with a bugfix before the Service Pack of RadControls is released.

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