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    How - to: Change the Default Keyboard Behavior in RadGridView for Silverlight/ WPF

    RadGridView provides a set of keyboard navigation scenarios that will result in certain consequence of commands to be executed. Thus – and naturally in this case - when clicking on the Del–button will cause deletion of the current item, Ins-button will add a new one into the grid. However, there exists a great possibility that you do not need this pre-coded behavior and you want to predefine it. In that case you can follow up one of the following two scenarios. The first one is to use the basic interface responsible for the keyboard navigation – IKeyboardCommandProvider and implement your own...
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    How to: Create custom editor with RadGridView for Silverlight and WPF

    If you need a custom editor to edit a specific data, you can use one of the following approaches:   Use CellEditTemplate property of the GridViewColumn. Create a custom column by inheriting from GridViewBoundColumnBase.   As almost anything in our life both approaches have some advantages and disadvantages. Although it is quite easy to implement the first option, there are some significant disadvantages like not so usable with many RadGridView instances, and more important this bypasses the RadGridView validation and editing engine. For more information about this approach you can take a look at this online example.   In this blog post I’ll try to explain how to...
    November 12, 2009
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    How to: Validate data with SL/WPF RadGridView Part I – validating on property/cell level via Data Annotations

    With the next Q3 2009 official release we are introducing a significant improvement to the validation mechanism of the RadGridView control. If we compare the new validation to the previous versions we add another validation layer (Data Layer) and refactoring of the related events. In a series of blog posts I’ll try to clarify this mechanism with several small examples. I’ll start the series with validation for a single cell.   How to: Validate data on a cell (property) level with RadGridView for Silverlight and WPF   The cell validation occurs when a GridViewCell is edited and its new data is about to be committed. At...
    October 27, 2009