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    Escaping from the “How Long?” time trap

    If it is true that time is money and, once lost, can never be found again, it should be no surprise that the “work smarter, not harder” mantra has become the drumbeat that agile developers must march to. One pillar of project estimation is having a solid grasp of how long will a given task take, and how long to complete the entire project. Even for those who have a strong grasp of this concept, delivering truly accurate estimates can become a frustrating, time-consuming process that results in projections that are far off the mark. Why? Because falling prey to ...
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    Predictions for 2011

    Last year I made 14 predictions on what I thought might transpire in the world of technology in 2010. http://weblogs.asp.net/jsemeniuk/archive/2010/01/07/predictions-for-2010.aspx So, what do I think is in store for us in 2011? Here is goes… 1. The Kanban Influence: Last year I predicted that Lean Software Engineering will become a first class citizen. I was wrong; however, some Lean principles have been emerging in the form of Kanban. David Anderson is absolutely pioneering this wave, and I believe that the influence of Kanban will make its way deeper into the world of agile software development this year. More and ...
    December 30, 2010
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    Managing Debt

    Do you ever find yourself too busy “fighting fires” to do things “the right way”? Do you know that there are better ways of managing your project, but you find that you just need to get things done and can’t be bothered to fix underlying problems because it may slow you down? Ever find yourself wondering if you will ever have time to go back to a feature you released a year ago to make it better and move valuable to your users? If so, you may be in debt. No, I’m not talking about your personal financial situation. I’m ...
    December 29, 2010
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    Agile, ALM, and Telerik Tools

    I don’t think that there is any disagreement that agile methods, stemming from the Agile Manifesto, have changed the way we build software and have lead to profoundly greater successful projects and balanced teams. Agile methods help teams and business bring into focus what is valuable and helps reduce waste by embracing high bandwidth team collaboration, continuous feedback processes, and ever evolving and emergent requirements and designs. A term you are going to see more and more of is “Application Lifecycle Management” (ALM). In fact, Microsoft has rebranded its entire Visual Studio Team System division to be Microsoft ALM. ...
    October 19, 2010
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    Telerik TeamPulse Launch (or how to crush GTW)

    I owe an apology to a few hundred Telerik fans out there – I didn’t watch the road (aka webinar registrations) closely enough and I let it run too high up, to the point where we crashed GoToWebinar capacity (1001 attendees –  that’s right - one thousand and one). If you want to watch the webinar that crushed GTW limits, you can see it at Telerik TV.       As a result quite a few of you weren’t able to attend. I received a lot of messages (such as the one below) as well as pings on twitter about it.       As we were nearing...
    August 02, 2010