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    What’s New in the Beta Metro/JS Templates for VS11

    A blog by Chris Sells, VP of Tools & Frameworks at Telerik. (Original post here) The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 (aka the Win8 beta) is now available for download, along with the matching Visual Studio 11 beta. You can download them both from the Developer Center for Metro style Apps and at least when I did the downloading this morning, it was smooth and worked well. In case you’re interested, I downloaded the ISO, not the setup, and I am currently writing this blog entry in Windows Live Writer running inside a WMWare Workstation 8.0 virtual machine running on the Windows 7 host OS running inside Boot...
    March 02, 2012
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    Editor’s Note, Telerik Newsletter, February 2012

    Hello, all, and welcome to the February, 2012 edition of the Telerik newsletter! As the newest employee at Telerik, I’m still learning all of the good stuff we’re doing just in the area of developer tools. For example, the features in JustCode that fix up my using statements (Ctrl+Shift+U) and show me a type’s shape and implementation via the JustDecompile integration (F12) are now ingrained into my fingertips, but I just learned (JustLearned!) that if I want to get completions on types that aren’t even listed in my using statements, I can use Ctrl+Alt+Space and keep right on coding, which is one of a ton of new features in...
    February 15, 2012