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    Code Blocks in RadRichTextBox

    Inserting code snippets with syntax highlighting in a document can be useful – especially for documents devoted to software development. If you’ve ever dreamed of adding one to your document created with RadRichTextBox – congratulations, the time has come!
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    RadRichTextBox loves East Asia

    Our team was busy working on some features that turned out to be very important for our customers in East Asia - distributed alignment, line breaking rules and hanging punctuation. We have decided to share some examples as this may be of help to the ever-growing number of developers targeting audience in China, Japan or Korea.
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    Customizing RadRichTextBox’s ContextMenu and SelectionMiniToolBar

    With Q3 2010 we introduced some cool UI additions to RadRichTextBox, including SelectionMiniToolBar and ContextMenu. SelectionMiniToolBar SelectionMiniToolBar is a floating toolbar that appears next to the current position after making a selection with the mouse in the document. It contains some useful commands for formatting text: As RadRichTextBox loads the default SelectionMiniToolBar using MEF, it can be completely replaced with a custom one. This can be done as easy as with the other RadRichTextBox dialogs by implementing the ISelectionMiniToolBar interface and marking the class that implements it with the CustomSelectionMiniToolBarAttribute attribute. The technique was also described in greater details in this blog...
    November 17, 2010