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Let’s create a simple UI together, refining our XAML skills and practicing navigating Xamarin Forms.

Howdy! πŸ™‹‍ It’s a pleasure for me to have you here. πŸ’š I imagine that you are in this post because you are starting in Xamarin Forms and you want to improve your knowledge. πŸ’•

This time we will be creating a simple UI step by step, which will help us to improve many important XAML skills that will make our lives easier when developing a UI in Xamarin Forms. Our design today is obtained from Dribbble, created by user Yana.

We will be replicating this UI, and we’ll cover these important points:

βœ” Identifying the main layout
βœ” Overlapping controls
βœ” Handling card list with a CollectionView

So, let’s start! 😎

πŸ”§ Creating the Basic Settings

First of all, let’s add PancakeView NuGet Package.

Xamarin.Forms.PancakeView An extended ContentView for Xamarin.Forms with rounded corners, borders, shadows and more!

πŸ”§ Then, add the following namespace:


Add the the following lines, which will help us to hide the status bar on iOS:


And finally, let’s set our screen for only vertical designs. If you don’t know how to do it, you can see this post.

πŸ•΅ Identifying the Main Layout

The first step that we have to keep in mind is to select the right layout. In this case, we’ll be using a grid. If you want to know more information about grids, you can go here. In the following image, we’ll be analyzing the columns and rows needed for our main structure.

The above-the-fold hero box contains: Row 1: Icon + Title + Circle image; Main image (in row 1); Row 2: Description; Row 3: SearchBar. Below that are the following rows: Row 4: List title; Row 5: List description; Row 6: List of Cards; Row 7: Buttons.

Code implementation:

<Grid RowDefinitions="Auto,Auto,Auto,Auto,Auto,Auto,Auto">
     <!-- Add the code explained from the Rows 1 to 7-->

βœ” Overlapping Controls

In this step, we will be replicating rows 1, 2 and 3 (as specified in the structure image above). One of the most important points here is to learn a simple way to overlap controls. πŸ’ͺ

These rows are composed of the following elements:

  1. Main image: As you can see, this image has corner radius bottoms. That’s why we’ll be using PancakeView. Inside the Main structure, add the following line of code:
<PanCake:PancakeView Grid.Row="0" Grid.RowSpan="3" CornerRadius="0,0,55,55">
     <Image  Source="Main" Aspect="AspectFill" />
<!-- The next line code goes here-->
  1. Icon βž• Title βž• Rounded image:

⚠ To get the overlapping with the image added above, you just have to add the next line in the same number of color used in the previous explanation—in this case, Row number 0.

In this part, let’s add another Grid, which will contain the three elements mentioned above. It’s important to know we also will be using PancakeView to get the rounded image.

<Grid Grid.Row="0" ColumnDefinitions="*,*,*" Padding="20,40,20,0">
          <!-- Icon-->
          <Image Grid.Column="0" Source="Points" HorizontalOptions="Start" HeightRequest="20"/>
          <!-- Title-->
          <Label Grid.Column="1" Text="CardInfo" VerticalTextAlignment="Center" TextColor="White" FontAttributes="Bold" HorizontalTextAlignment="Center"/>
          <!-- Rounded image-->
          <PanCake:PancakeView Grid.Column="2" HorizontalOptions="End" CornerRadius="25"  WidthRequest="50" HeightRequest="50">
               <Image  Source="Model" Aspect="AspectFill"/>
  1. Finally, Description βž• SearchBar:
<!-- Description-->
<Label Grid.Row="1" Padding="0,180,0,0" HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" FontSize="23" Text="Don't know how to express&#10; your feelings?" TextColor="White" FontAttributes="Bold"/>
<!-- SearchBar -->
<SearchBar Grid.Row="2" BackgroundColor="Transparent" Margin="30"/>

At this point, we have the following result:


🎯 Handling the Card List with a CollectionView

Before the card list, let’s add the Title and Description labels:

<!-- List Title-->
<Label Grid.Row="3" Padding="30,30,0,10" FontSize="25" FontAttributes="Bold" Text="Pick your perfect Card"/>
<!-- List Description-->
<Label Grid.Row="4" Padding="30,0" Text="If you're looking for the perfect way to express how you feel about something, a simple way to say you're in love." TextColor="Silver"/>

Now, let’s continue with the list. It’s important to know that it has been made adhering to the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern (that’s why the properties are bound). If you want to know more information about it, you can visit this post.

<!-- Card list-->
<CollectionView Grid.Row="5"
       ItemsSource="{Binding cards}"
                <Grid RowDefinitions="Auto" Margin="8,0"> 
                    <Frame Grid.Row="0" HasShadow="False" CornerRadius="20" BackgroundColor="#e7ebf1" WidthRequest="95" HorizontalOptions="Start">
                         <Image Grid.Row="0" HorizontalOptions="Center" Source="{Binding Picture}" WidthRequest="150"/>

Last Step: Adding the Bottom Buttons!

<!-- Bottom buttons-->
<Grid Grid.Row="6" ColumnDefinitions="*,*">
   <Button Grid.Column="0" Text="Pick a Text" TextColor="White" FontAttributes="Bold" BackgroundColor="#ff5061" Margin="20,0" HeightRequest="60" CornerRadius="30" />
   <Button Grid.Column="1" Text="Write your Own" TextColor="Black" BorderColor="#ff5061" BorderWidth="3" FontAttributes="Bold" Margin="20,0" HeightRequest="60" CornerRadius="30" />

And our simple UI is done! 😎


Thanks for reading! πŸ’šπŸ’• You can see the complete code on my Github repository.

See you next time! πŸ€“

About the Author

Leomaris Reyes

Leomaris Reyes is a Software Engineer from the Dominican Republic, with more than 5 years of experience. A Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer, she is also the founder of  Stemelle, an entity that works with software developers, training and mentoring with a main goal of including women in Tech. Leomaris really loves learning new things! πŸ’šπŸ’• You can follow her: Twitter, LinkedIn , AskXammy and Medium.

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