Remember the good old Binding Navigator of the glorious WinForms past? (If you don’t, this will refresh your memory)


Last week a client asked or a Binding Navigator control in WPF. Now, this is somewhat out of place in WPF and Silverlight where the data binding mechanism is completely different, but if you are porting an old Windows Forms application and would wish to preserve the general user experience, such a control would be invaluable.

This small control behaves much like the old Binding Navigator, while being fully MVVM-enabled through commands. You bind the control to your collection of items, then access the current item through the CurrentItem property (predictable, huh?). You can easily extend its functionality by binding the AddCommand, DeleteCommand and SaveCommand properties to your own command implementations.


You can download the source code for the solution and sample app here. Icons courtesy of

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Yasen Yankov

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