We hope you were able to join myself and James Bender for the Q2 2013 Release Webinar for JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace, and JustDecompile.  We covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time! If you missed it, the webinar was recorded and is available on Telerik TV.



Sample Projects

Q2 2013 Release Webinar Recording

Release Recap


In this quarter, we improved on our already blazing fast decompilation engine, decreasing errors and improving formatting.  We also introduce a host of User Interface improvements, including adding tabs for each decompiled object.


The team has been hard at work introducing new features and improving existing ones.  We introduced Mocking By Example, simplified the manner in which MsCorLib objects are mocked, improved future mocking to include constructor mocking, and added Silverlight elevated mocking.  Additionally, the team continued to improve the compatibility with other profiled tools (such as NCover, dotCover, and more) as well as improved the way JustMock works with build system and extended the documentation to make it even easier to include JustMock in your build environments. Check out our blogs for more information comming soon.


JustCode brought in a load of new and improved features as well, including Debugging Decompile Code!  In addition to this most awesome feature, the new version of JustCode brings File Templates, additional Code Template macros, new Test Runner Features, new refactoring quick fixes, and a host of other features.  Please see this blog post for more information.


JustTrace focused on improving the user experience as well as providing more analysis of the profiled applications, including Potential Binding Leaks, Disposed Objects, and Performance Bottlenecks.  For much more detailed information about the release, please read James Benders awesome blog posts that is coming next week.

Visual Studio Gallery Reviews

Have you ever considered writing a review for the Visual Studio Gallery? Would you consider writing one for one or more of the Just products?  If you do before the end of June, and let us know, you could be eligible to win licenses or a really cool newly designed JustTrace t-shirt!

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  1. Write a review in the Visual Studio Gallery
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  3. Winners will be drawn and notified by email at the end of the month

Case Studies

Do you have a story you would like to share?  Do you want free publicity for you and your organization?  Consider working with us to create a case study.  The time commitment is small, you retain complete control of the study, and we will promote you and you company!

Creating a case studies can carry these benefits:

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Questions and Answers from the Webinar

Q: Does JustMock work with Windows Store Apps? Windows Phone 8?
A: JustMock Lite works in Windows Store Apps. No version of JustMock works with WP8. You can vote for this feature request on the JustMock feedback portal.

Q: File templates are definitely cool! Wasn't sure what file templates meant until this demo of it...gotta start adding these.

Q: I'm so happy! #JustThanks!
A: High five!

Q: Can we yet filter out "Windows" methods from the trace?...like can we yet say "Only show me stats on code that I have wrote"?
A: Yes, go to the "Assemblies" view and select the "My Code" check boxes next to each assembly that you want JustTrace to show types and methods from when the "Show Just My Code" option is enabled.

Q: Are there plans to show the code inside of JT and put the timing analytics against that in the "code view"? (not just "this is a heavy method")
A: Yes. We are planning to introduce line-level profiling, which will show you where in the method the time is actually spent.

Q: is there a way to export the de-compiled code?
A: In JustDecompile, Tools->Create Project... creates a Visual Studio project from an entire decompiled assembly.

Q: It would be nice to share templates via a system like NuGet.
A: We will definitely consider it.

Q: Notice that JustMock might have a way to convent a VB app to C# ? is there a white paper on this ?
A: You might be thinking of another Telerik tool: http://converter.telerik.com/

Q: Thanks for the great demo's. It gave me some nice insights in the just* product group!
A: Our pleasure :)

Q: this is awesome!
A: Thanks!

Q: what is the discount promotion code for attendees of this webinar? i'm hoping to use mine to renew an existing asp.net ajax license with telerik
A: Marketing decides the discounts.  Check you follow up email to what offers are accompanying Webinar Week.

Q: When pdb is available, JustCode is able to just use it? And what about downloading symbols from Microsoft?
A: PDB's don't contain source. You need the exact source that was used to create the PDB separately for debugging to work correctly. Best use the JustCode/JustDecompile combo to create both the source and PDB for a given assembly.
A: You don't need to download symbols to debug in decompiled code. JustCode is producing the pdb files for you
Q: I see... but downloading pdb files from microsoft servers gives the ability to have xml comments as well in the "decompiled" code..

Q: I used the latest build in my latest tests, and I found it's 4 times faster and no more VS hangs I had with older versions...
A: great!

Q: Impressive speed.. I'm used with reflector that's sooo slow... Do u have an updated comparison chart with Reflector?
A: Not at this time

Q: Where is Justtrace saving all the trace info, stats, etc? AppData? Files in the VS Solution? is it a good practice to include those settings + data in Version Control?
A: JustTrace creates snapshots in a folder under your Windows user account folder. From the "Recent Snapshots" view you can open that folder in Explorer. You can also import other snapshots from file.
A: Mario, snapshots are binary files and therefore version control systems won't give meaningful differences between them. But if you feel that versioning them fits your workflow, please go ahead.

Q: Where is the downloadable solution with all those samples?
A: www.skimedic.com/blog under samples and presentation - it will be there by Monday. Also, blogs.skimedic.com/blog, watch for my webinar recap blog post, it will have a link to the samples

Q: Is JustCode/JustMock now compatible with ReSharper and NCrunch?
A: JustMock is compatible with NCrunch. Check out the JM documentation on how to enable integration between the two tools. JustMock is also compatible with the R# test runner.


We hope you enjoyed the webinar.  If you aren’t already using the Just products, be sure to download them and give them a whirl!

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