Visual Style Builder


The Point-and-Click Skin Creation Tool

The Telerik Visual Style Builder is a web-based CSS customization tool that enables point-and-click creation of skins for Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX. It eliminates the need to understand the front-end HTML and CSS structure of the controls, while giving you full control over the elements of the skin to help you create your custom skin in minutes.

Launch Visual Style Builder

Colorize Skins in Seconds

Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls come with 20 ready-to-use skins that offer the look and feel of many well-known themes (Metro, Office 2010, Outlook, etc.). Sometimes, however, you may need to adjust the color of a skin to better fit your site’s design. Traditionally, this customization could cost you significant time, designer involvement and endless drilling into the Telerik CSS classes. With the Visual Style Builder you achieve this by simply selecting a color from either the HSV or Web palettes.

Colorize Telerik ASP.NET Web Forms Skins with Visual Style Builder

Fine-tune the Skins of Your Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Application

Fine-Tune Individual Elements to Perfection

Through the "fine-tune" mode of the Visual Style Builder, you can adjust any element of the Telerik controls skins to perfectly fit in your web application. Whether you want to change the default text fonts and sizes, margins and padding, background or any style property—it’s all easy and intuitive through the Visual Style Builder graphical interface.

Export Your Skins

Once you have finalized your custom skin, the Visual Style Builder automatically packages all required files for your new skin into a single ZIP archive. Simply add the files from this archive to your project and your custom skin is ready to go. You never have to write CSS or copy and paste large chunks of code.