See Progress Telerik Platform Analytics In Details


Mobile, Web and Desktop App Support

Telerik Analytics supports all major mobile, web and desktop development platforms, including Telerik AppBuilder for hybrid development: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinRT, .NET (Silverlight, WPF, Windows Forms, Windows 8), Java, C++, Windows, Mac OS and more.


Track Most Used Features

See absolute and relative use over time and compare with average use.


Track Engagement via User Cohorts

Track user loyalty to know user engagement after a release and easily control cohort query criteria


Track User Environment Engagement

See which OSs or Environments are being used the most to make crucial support decisions:


Get a Bird’s Eye View of App Exceptions

See an aggregate view of exceptions. Sort by type, status, number of exceptions and much more.


For each exception, see details and all occurrences. Stacktrace and level of damaging effect can quickly be seen. Actual exception instances can be analyzed deeper to discover what causes the exception and how severe it is.


Track Application Performance

You can time anything with Telerik Analytics and all time measurements are e.g. grouped into intervals that you have defined. This way you can quickly see changes in performance and see whether your application performs within the expected bounds.


Specify your own custom intervals to compare your time measurements against or choose from precalculated intervals. See exact details and export these to CSV if needed


Filter Views per Your Needs

Filter view by countries


Or filter the current view by release versions. Include AND/OR conditions if needed.


Intuitive Visual Reports with Drill Down Ability

See visual reports at geographic level. Drill down into your region of choice.


Create and Share Custom “Data studies” For Deeper Insights

Create a new study for any chart or reuse an existing study. Specify filter criteria in Data studies - e.g. only look at data


Build your own custom dashboards and share data


Receive reports automatically as pdf-files


Get a sharable link to allow your colleagues to view real-time data.


Easy Integration for Collecting Analytics Data

For .NET, JS apps


Our Support is Legendary

The same developers who build Telerik Analytics will answer any questions you have, even during your trial.