Test Studio R3 2020 Release Webinar

Test Studio R3 2020 Release Webinar

Today's demand for fast-paced app delivery cannot afford to wait for quality to catch up. The stakes are too high for inefficient manual testing to only be brought-down by inefficient automated testing.

With one of the easiest Record & Playback interfaces on the market, updated UX and fully redesigned Test Recorder UI, Test Studio’s third release of 2020 brings unparalleled productivity optimizations that will allow both small and large teams to achieve seamless, high-quality agile CI/CD releases.

Join us for a live Test Studio R3 2020 release webinar on November 11 at 11 am ET | 5 pm CET and be among the first to get a preview of the fully reimagined Test Studio Recorder, along with the latest and greatest in UI automation and codeless testing.

Our most skilled automation experts and product specialists will walk you through the release highlights:
  • Test Studio’s redesigned Recorder—With the updated UX and fully reimagined UI, the Recorder receives sleek design and optimized performance, making it an integral part of the test automation workflow and allowing for easy utilization of all its productivity-boosting features, without taking up unnecessary screen space.

  • Extended support for Telerik UI for Blazor components—While unit and stability testing of Blazor apps have been a top priority in software development, UI testing is gaining momentum. R3 2020 ships feature to facilitate and optimize UI testing of Blazor apps through grid translator enhancements and ready-to-use translators for TextBox, ComboBox, TabStrip, and Window.

  • Codeless automated testing in the browser—Taking full advantage of the updated, easy-to-use and feature-rich Record & Playback experience is easy with cross-browser support.
What’s more—the Test Studio team has a surprise for those of you who love to work in the dark. Stay tuned!


Andy Wieland, Petar Grigorov

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