Test Studio R3 2022 Release Webinar

Test Studio R3 2022 Release Webinar

The success of test automation depends on eliminating strategy and tooling fragmentation, which is often the result of combining different testing practices within one and the same project or team—web, desktop, responsive, cross-browser, API, load, integration testing etc.

Lack of support or stable functionality to test a particular app or piece of an app is a struggle for most teams, regardless of their size or structure.

With R3 2022 Test Studio embarks on a journey towards becoming a truly feature-packed web and desktop test automation platform, covering any legacy or modern technology that comes in question for you. Test Studio helps small- and large-scale automation shops accelerate application delivery and meet their web and desktop testing needs across a wide range of technologies, frameworks and browsers.

Test Studio is a test automation tool that integrates seamlessly with your Telerik and Kendo UI developer toolbox, by way of built-in translators, now with extended coverage of Telerik UI component libraries for desktop and day zero support of MAUI.

Highlights We’ll Cover During the Live Webinar:

  • Desktop Testing: Full desktop automation support across .NET and beyond
  • UX/UI Modernization: New Welcome Screen, improved navigation across key Test Studio features and more
  • Test Stability:AI-infused/inspired mechanism making sure elements are rendered correctly and preventing flaky tests
  • Extensionless Test Recording and Execution:Extended support for Chromium-based Edge

Join Andy Wieland and Petar Grigorov as they demo the latest Test Studio updates in a live Test Studio R3 2022 release session on Monday, September 19, 2022, 11 am ET. Be with us at the Livestream Release Party within the Progress360 Streaming Studio on September 14, 10 a.m. ET – 11:30 a.m. ET to hear the release highlights and celebrate all good news.


Andy Wieland
Andy Wieland Solutions Engineer, Progress

Andy has worked in the software industry for 12+ years as a sales engineer and consultant, overseeing the implementation of optimization and automation software for thousands of customers. Andy is a certified Scrum Master, Agile Project Execution and Product Management coach.

Petar Grigorov
Petar Grigorov Sales Engineer, Progress

Petar has 15+ years of experience in multiple key roles within software development such as QA, Project Management, Sales and Account Management. He knows the “pains” of both test and software engineers and believes that collaboration is a state of mind that can be successfully achieved with the help of a proper toolset.

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