Testing Telerik and Kendo UI Apps

Your DevCraft Ultimate Bundle - Exploring UI Automation Testing with Test Studio

Make the most of what you already have and optimize your cycle with Test Studio

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 | 11:00 am ET

You already have the DevCraft Ultimate bundle – that’s fantastic! Now, did you know that Test Studio Dev Edition  is already a part of the package? If you are not currently leveraging Test Studio Dev Edition, it is designed to provide ready-to-use Visual Studio automated testing functionality across web and desktop. It can also make your life a lot easier and simplify your day-to-day testing needs tremendously. 

  • You can unlock the full potential of your bundle and: 
  • Automate UI tests easily and quickly;
  • Create Low-code C#|VB.NET automated tests within Visual Studio;
  • Enjoy native support for all Telerik and Kendo UI components;
  • Integrate in your CI/CD pipeline for better and faster results;

      If you are ready to explore more options, or if you have QAs on your team, that might benefit from Test Studio even further, we are able to provide more solutions which will:

      • Enable automated functional, load, API, regression testing for web and desktop for everyone, regardless of expertise;
      • Accelerate the end-to-end delivery process;
      • Increase test coverage and reduce testing time significantly;
      • Establish stable and reliable tests;
      • Boost the team’s productivity and efficiency;
      • Ensure optimal app quality and address QA’s top challenges;

      Join our Engineering guruс Petar Grigorov and Jon Read as they step into the magic land of Testing and deep dive into all the tips and tricks that will help you deliver high-quality product faster with no compromise!


      Test Studio is a perfect complement to our Telerik UI development. It is extremely easy to develop automated testing for the Telerik UI components and it minimize our test maintenance over time.

      Frank L.VP Operations
      Supply Chain Solutions Provider

      The Speakers:


      Jonathan Read Senior Solutions Consultant,


      Jonathan Read is a Solution Engineer who has been working with Progress products for more than 10 years in various capacities like consulting, sales, evangelism and more. His experiences also include 10 years of professional photography and photo enhacement, and he enjoys outdoor activities when he is not writing code. 

      Petar Grigorov - Sales Engineer
      Petar Grigorov Principal Sales Engineer,

      Petar has 15+ years of experience in multiple key roles within software development such as QA, Project Management, Sales and Account Management. He knows the “pains” of both test and software engineers and believes that collaboration is a state of mind that can be successfully achieved with the help of a proper toolset.

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